How to Heal a Fractured Limb in Starfield

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While playing through Starfield and exploring its many planets, you’re likely to run into many dangerous situations. Most of these involve the fear of enemies throwing some shots into your fishbowl of a helmet, but others are more ailments rather than gunshot wounds. In the case of this issue, the illness is more or less self-inflicted. Here’s how to heal a Fractured Limb in Starfield.

How to Cure a Fractured Limb in Starfield

Starfield Repairing Immobilizer
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There are two separate ways that you can heal a Fractured Limb in Starfield. The first is by taking a medication, found within the Aid section of your inventory. You’re looking for a bit of medication that repairs a broken limb. You’ll know it does if it has a blue triangle listed under Treatment, with a picture of a breaking bone. Two great examples of items with this ability include Panacea, which fixes almost all ailments, and Repairing Immobilizer, which repairs puncture wounds and damaged limbs. If you don’t own anything like this, you’ll either need to purchase one or find one out in the wild.

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Starfield Reliant Medical
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The other method is to visit a doctor and have them heal your ailments and HP. There’s a doctor in every major city, though to give you a reliant one (pun intended), you should head to the Reliant Medical Center in New Atlantis. To reach it, spawn in front of The Lodge and look directly to your right. You should see the big blue sign that reads Reliant Medical. Head inside and speak to the doctor there, then select the option “I need help, doc.”. Pay the fee, and your wounds will be healed.

What Does Having a Fractured Limb Do?

Starfield Fractured Limb
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A Fractured Limb has a chance of occurring when falling from a high place and taking damage, especially if you choose not to use your boost pack to negate the fall. While the Fractured Limb debuff is active, you will suffer from increased incoming damage, which can spell bad things for any fights you plan to walk into. As such, you want to get it repaired as soon as possible.

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