How to Heal Lung Damage in Starfield

A cure for all.

You will get shot at, injured, and maybe even die when exploring different planets and space stations. Luckily, there’s a plethora of different medications you can take for just about any occasion. Here is how to heal lung damage in Starfield.

Medicine That Cures Lung Damage in Starfield

Two primary medications in Starfield will cure Lung Damage; an Injector and/or Snake Oil. Both can be purchased from vendors, looted from chests, and even off dead bodies you leave in your wake. Environmental damage is no joke, so always be careful when exploring.

Here are the descriptions for each of the items.

  • Injector: Treats Brain Injury, Concussion, Heatstroke, Hypothermia, Lung Damage, Poisoning, and Radiation Poisoning.
  • Snake Oil: +20% o2 Recovery for 2 minutes. Treats Brain Injury, Concussion, Heatstroke, Hernia, Hypothermia, Lung Damage, poisoning, and Radiation Poisoning.

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Using A Doctor To Cure Lung Damage In Starfield

Reliant Medical Center in Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can also go to the doctor in Starfield and pay credits to cure all afflictions. We recommend the doctor at the Reliant Medical center in New Atlantis. This place can be found at the far end of the Residential District, just past the Elite Clothing shop.

Go inside and talk to the doctor to receive medical treatment for a sum of credits, depending on how badly you are injured. The Doctor can be found through the set of doors in the clinic. Just walk in and talk to the doctor in order to receive your treatment.

While this fix takes longer because you have to go back to New Atlantis, it’s at least a consistent way to heal Lung Damage if you don’t have any Injectors or Snake Oil on you.

That is everything you need to know about how to cure Lung Damage in Starfield.

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