How to Stop Environmental Damage in Starfield

Even the planets are out to get you

Environmental Damage Starfield
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Every planet in Starfield runs the risk of containing dangerous conditions that cause environmental damage to your spacesuit. If you want to search for loot without having to worry about your total health going down, then it’s time to mitigate some of that damage on your own.

How to Mitigate Environmental Damage in Starfield

To stop environmental damage in Starfield, you can invest skill points into the Environmental Conditioning perk or look for more specialized spacesuits. However, the Environmental Conditioning perk is the better route because it will give you universal resistance by the final rank that doesn’t rely on your gear.

Environmental Damage Skills Starfield
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That doesn’t mean you can’t use both in tandem, though. For the best chance at negating all environmental damage in Starfield, invest in the conditioning and find spacesuits that are specialized to certain planets. For example, some suits will have heatshields, and others will protect you against corrosive damage.

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How Does Environmental Damage Work in Starfield?

When you take too much environmental damage at a time, your health bar will decrease. You can see the effect on the right side of your health bar, marked in yellow. This will increase over time if you continue to take high amounts of damage. And until you get some shelter, that yellow bar will remain in place.

You must enter a safe spot like an air-locked outpost or your ship to get your maximum health back. Once inside, you can use a med-pack to replenish the entire health bar and remove any of the yellow in Starfield. Now you’re back to normal and ready to explore the planets beyond you.

While you’re in some shelter, you may want to get some rest or even go to sleep in Starfield.

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