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One of the first beds you’ll find in Starfield is inside your ship, and the option of sleeping in it might tempt you. But what good does sleeping do to you? Well, there are actually plenty of reasons you should get some quality rest here and then, and we’ll explain those to you right now.

Why Should I Sleep in Starfield?

Sleep advances time in Starfield. The most common reason you would want to do this is to explore other planets during both day and night. It might be easier to scan and discover new biome changes during the day, but the night can be safer for exploring a hostile planet. Laying in your bed for a while is always a good call to wait for that.

After sleeping for at least one hour, you also get a 10% Experience boost, so getting some rest before setting out to unknown areas is also recommended. It’s what you would probably do if you were exploring the space yourself, so make your character do the same to ensure they’ll be fine.

Sleeping also heals you a bit, and if you currently have an affliction (like broken bones), it might be enough to completely heal you, depending on your condition. It doesn’t replace proper medicine, but sometimes it’s all you need.

Starfield Sleep Bed
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How to Sleep and Restore A Merchant’s Inventory

Finally, advancing time can also be helpful to restock a merchant’s money if they run out of it after repeatedly buying your stuff. Just sleep for two days straight like you would do in a long weekend, and they should have their cash back ready to buy any junk you throw at them. 

Beds are usually found in your spaceship and in outposts, but you can also advance time by sitting on a chair. Note that this doesn’t count as sleeping, and you won’t get the best benefits like the Exp boost. Try to sleep properly whenever you can, leaving chairs only for when you don’t have any other choice.

So get some proper rest whenever you can, preferably in your ship’s accommodations. You can dock it first to make sure you’ll be safe while resting.

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