Starfield: 10 Best Planets to Build Outposts

The true home away from home is the one we build ourselves.

Starfield Kreet Outpost
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The outpost building mechanic in Starfield offers plenty of opportunities for the budding industrialist who wants to focus on hauling cargo, crafting, and research. Here are the ten best planets to build outposts on in Starfield.

The Best Starfield Planets for Outposts

The best Starfield planets for outposts include Kreet, Procyon III, Sirius II, Celebrai I, Io, Nesoi, and a handful of others loaded with valuable resources and space for construction. Each proves useful for some reason, with a few landing here because they offer excellent starting outpost opportunities.


Starfield Kreet Research Lab
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Kreet is one of the earliest locations you will explore in Starfield as part of the game’s prologue, but it offers a lot more potential than just its Research Lab. If you look around upon landing, you’ll note a desolate wasteland of rock and rubble. It’s not much to look at but dig deeper, and you’ll find countless resources that prove ideal for your first outpost. Neon, Iron, Silver, and Helium-3 are the perfect foundation for an outpost empire.

Linnaeus IV-b

Starfield Linnaeus IV-b
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We have yet another wasteland, a barren planet brimming with resources and a few manufactured facilities, like factories and labs. There isn’t much to explore beyond the valuable resources, of which you can find many. Linnaeus IV-b features Alkanes, Beryllium, Ytterbium, and Lead—all highly coveted resources.

Zeta Ophiuchi II

Starfield Zeta Ophiuchi II
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You will notice a trend here. Many of these planets are completely barren, with little to no life, except for a few, but rich in necessary resources. Zeta Ophiuchi II (quite a mouthful) features Aluminum, Beryllium, and Helium-3. It’s the perfect jumping point for long-range hauls and travel while providing key resources you can sell to the staryards and Trade Authority or use in crafting and construction.

Celebrai I

Starfield Celebrai I
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Here, we have the first planet on this list that doubles as the perfect location for an outpost to farm resources and an ideal location for player housing. Alongside the resources, of which Uranium, Tantalum, and Ytterbium prove most beneficial, there is a large selection of fauna to either survey or hunt. It depends on your style.

Jaffa VII-b

Starfield Jaffa VII-b
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You will need a lot of Titanium during your playthrough of Starfield, along with Iron and Tungsten, so having a key outpost producing Titanium above all else is invaluable. Jaffa VII-b should be that outpost for many. It is for me, honestly. You will need the Titanium for countless research projects, weapon mods, armor mods, and outpost structures. It’s unbelievable how much you require.

Sirius II

Starfield Sirius II
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How many planets can you think of that have Lithium, Iridium, Uranium, and Xenon all in one place? There aren’t many, if any, like Sirius II. It’s a valuable planet with zero fauna to worry about but a whole lot of key resources. Seriously, set up a Uranium or Xenon outpost specifically, and it won’t be long before you’re rolling in credits.

Procyon III

Starfield Procyon III
Screenshot by Prima Games
Ionic LiquidsNeonTetrafluorides

Here we have yet another idyllic location with Procyon III. Besides the rare resources, like Ionic Liquids, Neon, and Tetrafluorides, it features an extremely unique environment heavy with egg-like growths spattering the planet’s surface. I tried to shoot these to release whatever was growing inside, but that didn’t work. Instead, just build an outpost and look out from a clear vantage point as you farm the planet’s resources to oblivion.


Starfield Andraphon
Screenshot by Prima Games

Benzene, Europium, and Iron you will find are extremely useful in all facets of the game, including modifications, research, and construction. You’ll go through all of them quickly, so erecting a drilling operation to farm all three, alongside Aluminum, is a smart move.

While this is a small moon, it offers plenty of space for a bustling industrialist compound to excavate and exploit the landscape.

Tau Ceti II

Starfield Tau Ceti II
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you can look past the obvious infestation growing on Tau Ceti II—you know, the Terrormorphs—then you’ll find an extremely scenic and gorgeous environment with a lot of useful early-game resources. You will need Argon, Benzene, and Iron for many crafting and research recipes as you begin to progress to the mid-game.


Starfield Nesoi
Screenshot by Prima Games
ArgonBenzeneCarboxylic Acids

Nesoi is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely useful. It features so many useful resources, with Water being the most basic. But hey, you don’t need to farm the Water. Just focus on everything else, especially the Uranium and Tantalum, and you’ll be rolling in the dough and building anything your heart desires in no time.

If you’d like to continue exploring unique planets and tackling the fauna there, we recommend taking on Terror Brew in New Atlantis.

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