All Armor Mods in Starfield

Every armor mod you can find in the game!

Starfield Armor Set
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If you want to face off against Spacers, Crimson Fleet, Ecliptic, and more, then you need the toughest armor in the Settled Systems. Here are all armor mods in Starfield, including boost packs and spacesuits.

Every Armor Mod in Starfield

Numerous armor mods in Starfield will bolster your various damage resistances, such as Thermal and Corrosive, increase oxygen capacity and reduce overall consumption, administer first aid automatically, and improve melee damage.

It’s an often-overlooked mechanic—armor customization—that can genuinely benefit any build or playstyle by improving survivability and introducing new movement mechanics to the mix.

Spacesuit Mods

Starfield Mercury Spacesuit
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The countless spacesuit mods in Starfield upgrade your damage resistance, decrease oxygen consumption, and improve melee damage.

Ballistic ShieldingIncrease damage resistance.2x Fiber
1x Cosmetic
EM ShieldingIncrease EM resistance.2x Copper
2x Cosmetic
3x Polytextile
Energy ShieldingIncrease Energy resistance.2x Adhesive
2x Polymer
3x Polytextile
Exo ServosIncrease melee damage.3x Titanium
1x Positron Battery
2x Semimetal Wafer
Explosive ShieldingReduce explosives damage.2x Titanium
2x Adhesive
2x Sterile Nanotubes
Gravitic CompositesReduce enemy detection radius.1x Sealant
1x Fiber
3x Caelumite
Heavy ShieldingIncrease all damage resistance.2x Adhesive
2x Tungsten
2x High-Tensile Spidroin
1x Polymer
Optimized ServosReduce oxygen consumption while sprinting.1x Microsecond Regulator
2x Positron Battery
PocketedIncrease carrying capacity.2x Sealant
1x Adhesive
1x Polytextile

Helmet Mods

Starfield UC Vanguard Helmet
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The helmet mods here increase damage resistance, reduce damage from specific sources, increase enemy detection ranges, and more.

Ballistic ShieldingIncrease damage resistance.1x Nickel
1x Cosmetic
EM ShieldingIncrease EM resistance.2x Tungsten
1x Copper
1x Cosmetic
Energy ShieldingIncrease Energy resistance.2x Tungsten
1x Cosmetic
1x Polymer
Explosive ShieldingIncrease explosive resistance.1x Titanium
2x Adhesive
1x Sterile Nanotubes
Gravitic CompositesReduce enemy detection radius.2x Adhesive
3x Caelumite
1x Microsecond Regulator
Heavy ShieldingIncrease all damage resistance.1x Adhesive
1x Tungsten
1x High-Tensile Spidroin
1x Polymer
Sensor ArrayIncrease enemy detection range.2x Adhesive
1x Positron Battery
1x Zero Wire

Boost Pack Mods

The boost pack mods in Starfield improve the efficiency of the boost pack by increasing power to achieve greater heights and distances.

Balanced BoostpackA balanced power output.1x Microsecond Regulator
2x Monopropellant
1x Zero Wire
1x Zero-G Gimbal
Basic BoostpackStandard boostpack.2x Beryllium
1x Monopropellant
Power BoostpackGreatly increased power output for high-gravity environments.3x Beryllium
3x Monopropellant
1x Tau Grade Rheostat
Skip Capacity BoostpackLow-duration, high-intensity power output for greater mobility.2x Beryllium
2x Monopropellant
1x Zero-G Gimbal

Pack Mods

Starfield Ranger Pack
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The game’s various pack mods typically increase your damage resistance, improve oxygen consumption and capacity, and improve carrying capacity. That said, some also improve the efficiency of aid items.

Emergency AidWhen your health drops too low, automatically pop an aid item.3x Sedative
2x Trauma Pack
2x Heart+
Extra CapacityImproves carrying capacity by +10.3x Aluminum
2x Sealant
3x Polymer
Hazard ProtectionImproves damage resistance to Airborne, Thermal, Corrosive, and Radiation.2x Lead
2x Biosuppressant
1x Isotopic Coolant
1x Molecular Sieve
MedicFirst aid items restore additional health faster.2x Analgesic
2x Med Pack
Oxygen Reserve+10% oxygen capacity.1x Aluminum
1x Sealant
RegenerationRegenerate health outside of combat.3x Amino Acids
3x Hypercatalyst
1x Positron Battery
2x Emergency Kit

How to Get Armor Mods

You can acquire the various armor mods in the game by crafting and applying them via a workbench, specifically a Spacesuit Workbench. But for that, you must first research a few projects. You can improve your research by investing points into Research Methods and Spacesuit Design.

Once you’ve spent the resources to research various armor mods, head over to a workbench and, using the required resources, as listed above, craft and install your armor mod.

Alternatively, you can loot various armor pieces in the game with modifiers. Just keep an eye out for the one you want most.

Once you have your armor sorted out, why not head over to Gagarin Landing to tackle a few of their side quests?

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