How to Travel to Kreet in Starfield

Who the hell names their planet Kreet?

Starfield Kreet
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Taking your first steps into the world of Starfield can be rather daunting, especially once you’re done with the initial area. You’ll learn all about mining, get some sort of strange vision, create your character with an obscene amount of customization, and even shoot a few pirates along the way. Once you’ve gotten into space though, the game asks you to do something that can be a little confusing for newcomers. Here’s how to travel to Kreet in Starfield.

How to Get to Kreet in Starfield

To travel to Kreet, you’ll want to open up your data menu (the one that shows skills, inventory, etc.) and click on the planet in the top left. This will show you a view of Vectera, though we’ll instead want to press the button listed at the bottom right of the screen, labeled “Back to System”. This will give you a full view of all the planets in the Narion system, with you currently shown on the Vectera moon orbiting Anselon.

Navigate to the other moon listed Kreet and click on it to show up closer to Kreet. Rotating the planet will show the Kreet Research Lab, which you want to click on and hold the listed key for “Land”. Doing so will have you land on the planet, ready to continue the story.

Starfield Kreet Planet
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You’ll be asked to get to the planet of Kreet during the mission One Small Step. The previous steps asked you to handle the Crimson Fleet ships in orbit around the starting planet of Vectera, and learn about messing with your ship’s systems. Once you kill them, your robot friend Vasco will ask you to travel to Kreet to help ensure you don’t get chased down after killing some of the Crimson Fleet’s soldiers. That’s where confusion starts to stir up.

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