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Star Wars Battlefront Survival Mode Tips

Take advantage of Star Cards and Drop Pods to defeat the Empire!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

While most people know Star Wars Battlefront for its multiplayer content, the game also comes with Survival missions where you battle progressively difficult waves of enemies alone or with friends in co-op. It’s a great way to polish your skills before tackling the different multiplayer modes. 

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Before attempting to make it through all 15 waves, read through these Star Wars Battlefront Survival Tips to beat each planet in record time. 


Both Star Card hands include a Jump Pack. This piece of equipment is vital for navigating around Tattooine, mainly due to the steep cliffs throughout the level, as well as reaching higher areas in case you get ambushed. However, when it comes to your loadout, consider one with the Iron Torpedo, since this can make short work of AT-ST units. The Ion Shot in the other loadout, however, isn’t bad if you prefer to hit groups of enemies with a barrage. 

When it comes to finding a good spot before each wave begins, consider the small cave near the parked Imperial Shuttle; plan an escape route for when things get crazy. Additionally, keep an eye out for the camp at the end of the mission start area; use it to regain your bearings. If you need to escape, make a run through the canyon and make short work of any Stormtroopers that get in your way. 

Finally, keep an eye open for cover, because soldiers with long-range attacks (like Scout Troopers) can easily get a bead on you if you’re not careful. Watch out to see if you’re within their firing range, then move quickly and strike back. 


There are two pre-sets of Star Cards to choose from, and your pick depends on your style of play. The Cycler Rifle and Ion Shot combo is good if you wish to take enemies down from afar; otherwise stick with the Ion Torpedo and Focus Fire since they’ll make quick work of your adversaries. 

Watch out for vehicle bridges because this is where most enemies will appear. Using long-distance attacks is a great way to pick them off, but short-range combat works well depending on your cover spots. Be sure to watch out for other soldiers in the area, though – you never know where they’re going to come from. 

Make sure you don’t fall in the lava. Move carefully around it or you’ll see your shields eaten away and you’ll eventually burn to death. If you manage to fall in, boost your way out using your Jump Pack.

Be on the lookout for the turbolasers located in the Imperial Hangar. These not only cut through Stormtroopers, but also AT-STs and TIE Fighters. Avoid attacks from above, and if necessary, use an Ion Torpedo to strike quickly, should their gunfire send you away from the turrets. 


Both of the Star Card loadouts are effective and vary based on your style of play. The Ion Torpedo is ideal for locking onto bigger opponents, and the Personal Shield can keep you safe from a while. You probably won’t need to worry too much about the Jump Pack, but it never hurts to use while dodging gunfire. 

There’s a narrow strip next to a destroyed AT-AT that’s a good place to watch for incoming foes, but there’s a chance you’ll get overwhelmed later on. Save some breathing room to escape if necessary, and work your way up to the forest canopy to get a better vantage point. Use your Ion Grenades to get the drop on Stormtroopers from above. Finally, hollowed out logs are great places to hide. 


With both the Survivor and Rogue loadouts, you’ll find plenty of variety with your Star Cards, no matter what style of gameplay you prefer. However, Rogue does come with the Cooling Cell, making it useful for heavier blaster fire; the second loadout is great for taking on vehicles. 

Check out the raised walkway, which you’ll find at the rear of the hangar. This allows you to get the jump on enemies coming towards you. When an AT-ST shows up, escape down the narrow corridors of the Rebel base. 

When going through the tunnels, equip a quick-fire weapon to deal with enemies in front and behind. Long-range weapons work for the more open areas of the base, but be sure to watch your back.

Some of the Drop Pods fall into the central hangar. They’ll drop in-between each three stages, starting after wave two, then five, eight, 11 and 14. Stay close and grab items quickly so you can decimate the next wave. 

For more tips, visit our free Star Wars Battlefront Guide, where we tell you how to win all of the multiplayer modes, unlock the diorama figures and play as every Hero in the game.

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