This feature will tell you how to unlock all of the Diorama Figures in Star Wars Battlefront. There’s a cool virtual collector's shelf where you can store 3D diorama models of popular characters and ships featured in the game.

EA and DICE divided diorama figures into four different levels: Endor, Sullust, Tatooine and Hoth. This lets you show off your progress in the game, and they're pretty easy to shoot for, given the handful of goals required to unlock them all. 

Base Command Bonus Figurine: Twi'lek Rebel (Sullust) 

To unlock this figurine, download the Companion app for Star Wars Battlefront and get a three-star rating. 


X-Wing (Tatooine): To get this vehicle, find and use 200 power-ups over the course of the game.

Shadowtrooper (Hoth): Reach level 3 at least one time with every trait (that's five in all). 

Boba Fett (Tatooine): To acquire this bounty hunter, use all the Star Cards at least once and get a kill with each weapon in the game.

Slave-1 (Sullust): Boba Fett's vehicle is yours for the taking if you ride in vehicles for a total of 10 hours or more. 


TIE Fighter (Sullust): The Dark Side is with you once you destroy 150 vehicles in the game. 

Magmatrooper (Sullust): This fiery warrior is all yours after accumulating 1,500 kills using an Imperial soldier.

Tattooine Rebel (Sullust): If you can get a total of 1,500 kills with a Rebel soldier, this Tattooine hero will appear in your collection. 

Scout Trooper (Endor): Perform 250 headshots on enemy soldiers to obtain the Scout Trooper. 

Millennium Falcon (Tatooine): Score at least 100 kills with either the Millennium Falcon or Slave-1 (mainly in Fighter Squadron) and you'll get a Falcon to call your own. 

Darth Vader (Endor): This powerful Sith will join your ranks once you kill 250 soldiers using a Hero character.


Endor Rebel with Smart Rocket (Endor): If you complete all the battle missions in the game on Master difficulty (facing off against AI soldiers), this Rebel will pack a punch on your virtual shelf. 

AT-ST (Endor): This Walker is yours once you beat all of the Survival missions on Master difficulty. 

Luke Skywalker (Endor): This young Jedi will soon be in your ranks after finding all of the collectibles in the Missions. 

Emperor Palpatine (Sullust): Are you powerful enough to acquire the Emperor? To get there, you'll need to collect every star while completing the Missions. 

Game Modes 

T-47 Airspeeder (Hoth): Win 10 matches of each Multiplayer mode.

AT-AT (Hoth): Want an AT-AT? Finish 30 matches in Walker Assault and it's all yours.

Rank and Score 

Stormtrooper (Tatooine): Whether they can hit anything or not, this Stormtrooper is easy to get – simply reach Rank 10 in the game. 

Princess Leia (Hoth): The Princess will join your ranks once you reach Rank 50. 

Han Solo (Tatooine): This scoundrel will take a while to acquire, but he's worth the effort. Get 1,000,000 score in Multiplayer. 

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