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Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Heroes vs. Villains

by Prima Games Staff

While the Hero Hunt multiplayer mode is focused on a single player taking control of a random hero, the Heroes vs. Villains mode gives each team three heroes to work with in what ends up being an all out brawl.


  • Defeat the opposing team’s heroes.
  • Protect your own heroes.
  • Defeat all three opposing heroes to win the round.

In this mode three players are chosen randomly as heroes while the remaining three players on your team are normal soldiers. If the heroes are killed, they return to the field as soldiers, which means it’s extremely important to keep your heroes alive as long as possible! Once all three heroes on a team are defeated, the round is over. The team with the most rounds won takes the match.

You should think of Heroes vs. Villains like you would a fighting game. While the heroes can take down the regular soldiers with relative ease, you have to remember that there are three other heroes you’ll be fighting against. Match-ups are very important because some heroes can easily dominate other heroes.

Boba Fett and Han Solo can take each other on pretty evenly, but Emperor Palpatine is at a disadvantage against Han. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker has a hard time against Palpatine due to the Emperor’s unblockable Force Lightning ability. You also have to worry about the support heroes (Leia and Palpatine) when they’re surrounded by their soldiers or another hero. This makes their position far more powerful compared to going at it alone.

Try to avoid the two-on-one hero scenario, as that’s likely to lead to death, even with a more powerful character like Palpatine. Also remember your support abilities with certain characters, like Palpatine and Leia, as they can drop power-ups for other characters to use.

Finally, troopers don’t play too big a role in this game, so their sacrifice isn’t as great as the heroes. That said, make sure you take out any bothersome ones that get in the way of chasing after the heroes on the map. You can use a trooper as bait to get an enemy hero in a bad position. Remember that the first team to lose a hero is at a severe disadvantage, so scoring that first hero kill can have a significant impact on the round.

Do everything you can to protect your heroes as they are the key to victory. Be sure to check out our breakdown of each hero in the game for specific strategies. We’ve also got tips for the multiplayer modes such as Drop Zone and Cargo in our Star Wars Battlefront game hub!

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