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Squad Busters: Complete Beginner Guide

Time to bust some squads!

Squad Busters may look like a simple game, but there’s a lot more to uncover, especially if you want to win more and climb up the ranks. Every beginner has to start somewhere. Here’s a comprehensive guide aimed at new and experienced players to play better, unlock more characters, earn more gold, and win more matches in Squad Busters.

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What Should You Prioritize First in Squad Busters?

When first starting the game, your priority is to finish the beginner challenges and learn from the tutorials. Matches are easy to pick up, but what really makes it confusing are the characters. Since there are several characters available in the game, you should focus on the ones you currently have in the beginning.

You’ll unlock a few characters from the Squad Journey, challenges, and the Gem Pass. Once you find them, you should read up on their details and try them in a match. Your goal is to unlock all the characters so that you don’t encounter any problems in the match because characters will show up in the chest even if you don’t have them; they will just be blacked out.

Here’s a list of what you should always do, especially as a free-to-play player:

  • Use up all your chests
  • Always finish your weekly quests
  • Finish the challenges and maybe the spell challenges, too

Do this consistently, and you should be able to finish the Squad Journey, Gem Passes, and everything else. You’ll also stockpile some gold, and you should prioritize upgrading your characters by using gold to refill chests and play more matches to open them.

How to Win More in Squad Busters

Now, let’s get to the matches. It is always best to win every match because when you open a chest at the end, you get a few more extra taps to upgrade the rarity and size of your chest. You always want to get an Epic Chest that hits the “Super Big” tag in the end. Finishing first will get you five taps, and if you get a top-5 winning streak, you’ll get up to three extra taps. Each tap has a chance to upgrade, but it has a low rate. But, if you get at least six to eight taps per chest, you’ll surely get your gold’s worth.

To win more matches, you have to change your mentality to “I need to finish top 5” instead of “I need to finish first.” When it comes to rewards, you always want to keep your streak. If you are sitting comfortably in second place and you want to risk it all by engaging another player, you might drop to last in the blink of an eye. Even if you feel like you have the best squad out of all the players in the match, if you engage an enemy player, someone might swoop in behind you and steal everything. Patience is the key and remaining passive will lead to consistent results.

Now, once you understand more of the characters better, you’ll have the opportunity to engage other squads that you feel you have an advantage. As a rule, never engage a squad when there is another squad nearby. You don’t want to engage first, and you just need to double-dip.

Focus on other objectives and try to get as many gems as possible. Try to add some support or farming characters at the start, such as Greg and Mavis. If you harvest enough crops and cut enough trees, it’ll fast-track your squad to get bigger and stronger.

Once your squad is strong, you can farm monsters faster and even beat the bosses faster than the others. The key to winning matches is speed. If you are able to multitask things, you’ll always get the lead. By multitasking, I mean chopping trees while eliminating monsters and opening chests all at the same time.

This strategy will be possible for all sorts of team compositions, so it’ll depend on how you grasp the information on the other characters and game modes to actually win more matches consistently.

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