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Splatoon 3: How to Change Your Nickname

Start thinking about a cool name as you read the article.

by Nikola L
Everything we learned from Splatoon 3 Direct (August 2022)

It is an absolute must to have your name clearly stated in all multiplayer games, whether it’s your nickname you usually go by or some funny name that’s somehow related to the game for comedic value. Feel free to unleash your creativity and comic talent, or keep it generic but recognizable, or anything in between. Here’s how to change your nickname in Splatoon 3.

Where to Change your Nickname in Splatoon 3

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The steps to change your in-game name in Splatoon 3 are not difficult at all. Let’s go through them one by one:

  1. You need to start and, of course, finish your first Turf War successfully.
  2. When this is done, you will get an in-game message that will tell you that you are now eligible to change your nickname.
  3. Now, head out to the elevator and you’ll notice a monitor right next to it. Interact with it.
  4. The system will prompt you to enter your new nickname. Keep in mind that the character limit for your in-game name (nickname) in Splatoon 3 is 10 characters so choose wisely.
  5. Make sure to be certain about your new nickname before you confirm your name change because the game will not allow you to change your name constantly.
  6. If you do not change your name, the default name that you will have is your actual Nintendo Switch username that appears in the console’s menu.

Splatoon 3 releases worldwide on September 9, 2022, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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