Splatfest Schedule: All Dates and Times Listed for Splatfest 2022

Get ready for the next Splatfest.

Splatoon 3 is known for its Splatfest competitions. Players pick a team and then proceed to complete matches to earn points for their respective teams. At the end of the weekend, the team with the most points will win the Splatfest. Here is the Splatfest schedule with all of the dates and times listed for Splatoon 3 in 2022.

Splatfest Schedule: All Dates and Times Listed for Splatfest 2022

To celebrate the upcoming release of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, the next Splatfest is all about which starter you want to choose. This event gets started on November 11, 2022 at 4 PM PT and will conclude at the same time on November 13. Your choices are the three traditional Pokémon starter types:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Grass

The first official Splatfest since Splatoon’s 3 launch has been announced. During the September 13, 2022, Nintendo Direct, we learned that the first Splatfest will take place on September 23-25. On September 23, it begins at 5 PM PST and will end on September 25 at 5 PM PST.

The theme this time is “what would you bring to a desert island.” Your options are listed below:

  • Gear
  • Grub
  • Fun

Pick one of these, and you’ll be put on that team. Remember that you can only play with friends who pick the same team as you, so be sure to coordinate with your friends.

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As more Splatfests are announced, we will be sure to add them to this master list so you can see every Splatfest that happened in Splatoon 3 in 2022. The Splatfest has exclusive gear that you can check out in this trailer below, so be sure to take a look. Earn your gear, pick your team, and get ready to splat it up with your friends and enemies.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Splatoon Splatfest schedule, all times and dates listed. We have plenty of Splatoon 3 guides to help you out. Check out our tips and tricks to help you win Turf War. We also have Splatfest guides like how to earn Clout.

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