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How to Earn Clout in Splatoon 3

Clout Chasing 101 for Splatoon 3

by Nikola L

So, you want to chase some clout in Splatoon 3? You have come to the right place. Prima Games has you covered and delivers a brief guide on how you can farm your clout in Splatoon 3. We hope you are enjoying the Splatoon 3 craze as much as we do, and trust us when we deem that Splatoon 3 is the craziest game for Nintendo Switch of 2022.
Clout is a point system in Splatoon 3 which we will explain in the remainder of this article

How to Farm Clout in Splatoon 3

Clout points are the points that you need to win in order to prevail in the Splatfest against your enemies. Clout is just one of many other factors that are taken into account when a winner of the Splatfest is to be determined.

Clout is calculated based on the percentage of the map that you and your teammates have covered in ink of your team’s color. You also can increase your Clout by painting your enemies and dodging the paint they toss your way.
Also, the more Splatfest power your opponent’s team has, the more Clout you will get.
At the end of the match, it’s multiplied by a multiplier which, depending on the bonuses that you have, can really hit some insane numbers. Of course, after or before a match, you can always check your total Clout score when you are in the Training Mode by pressing the L key.

Open Mode gives you a regular amount of Clout and playing in Pro Mode gives you significantly more Clout (when you win, that is) than any other game mode in Splatoon 3, so if you get enough practice you can really speed up your farming progress.

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