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How to Play With Friends in Splatoon 3

Organize a party with your friends easily.

by Nikola L

One of the functions of multiplayer that brings the most joy to players is the possibility to play with (or against) your friends and increase the enjoyment of the multiplayer game, and Splatoon 3 is no different. You can enjoy Splatoon 3 online multiplayer with your friends and engage in a whole lot of shenanigans together. In this article, Prima Games will explain how you can play with friends in Splatoon 3

How to Join or Invite Friends in Splatoon 3

Nintendo has made this process a bit better than in Splatoon 2, albeit it is not quite perfect as players would have loved it to be. If you want to play Splatoon 3 in Multiplayer, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

In order for you to invite your friends or join them in Splatoon 3, you should first head out to your Training Room.
Then, press the L button so that you can open your Match Menu and select the desired game mode.
Please make sure to notice the toggle between “Solo” and “With Friends” and set it to “With Friends” so that you can play with friends. Then, press the A button.
This will lead you to the menu where you will be able to see all of your available friends to which you can join (status message will be visible next to their name).
By pressing the Y button you will be able to create your own room. And also, you will get to pick a password for your lobby, too! We advise you to do this, just in case, no matter how simple the password may be.

In addition to this, you may see apparitions (ghosts) of your friends in the Training Room, which you can approach and attempt to join their lobby by pressing button A when you are near them. The issues that currently exist are that you will not be able to play with players from other regions, as well as the fact that you won’t always be on your friend’s team, but we hope that in the future, this may change.

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