Spider-Man 2: When Does the Story Take Place? Answered

What year does this game take place in?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes place in a highly realistic world, so knowing how far in the past or future it takes place can help you get a hold of the proper setting. Let’s find out when Spider-Man 2 takes place together, shall we?

What Year Does Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Take Place In?

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 timeline technically takes place in the past, with the first game taking place in roughly 2018, the follow-up hitting 2020, and the most recent game in the franchise taking place in what would roughly be 2021. While it may feel like the future, thanks to the technological advancements that Peter, MJ, and Harry have gotten their hands on. While the city of New York may be real, the world that they’re living in is a rather fictionalized version of it, so these types of things are to be expected. That being said, when can I get my hands on a real-life Spidersuit?

While this version of 2021 seems much more blissful than what we had to live through, minus the near-constant villain attacks that seem to plague the lives of Peter and the much younger Miles Morales, they’re always eager to tackle it with style and grace. That is until Venom enters the picture. No matter which universe the 2020s take place in, chaos seems bound to follow.

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