Soul Hackers 2: How to Check Enemy Drops and Locations

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ATLUS’ latest Megami Tensei-adjacent JRPG, Soul Hackers 2, employs a crafting system. Basically, in order to do things like buy powerful items or upgrade your weapons/abilities, you gotta farm drops. So when it comes to filling out collections you’ll want to be able to look all this crap up if you can. So instead of trying to memorize everything, here’s how to check enemy drop items and locations.

How to Check Enemy Drops and Locations in Soul Hackers 2

It’s probably obvious, but this information isn’t just given to you for free. You do have to encounter enemy demons in order for Soul Hackers 2 to record that information for later use. But it’s still really helpful, especially when you’re doing things like filling out COMP upgrades towards the latter half of the game. There are two ways to look at this information, one in the menu and the other while browsing shops.

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So while you’re browsing at the COMP Smith or Yang Yang Palace, press X/Square/etc depending on your controller to hop the cursor over to the requirements. If you’ve fought the sources before, you’ll see it filled out towards the bottom of the screen.

Second, open up the basic menu and choose the Enemies option. This shows you information about demons you face in combat, offering different details than what you’ll see in the Demon Compendium. You’ll see where the enemies spawn and what their drops are, alongside the usual weaknesses and such.

You can also check out the items you already have in your inventory for where to find more, but that seems a little less useful, depending on the situation. But hey, that’s an option too, especially if you’re figuring out rare drops such as Aromatic Wood!

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