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Sonic Origins: How to Unlock Mirror Mode?

A simple effect that can really refresh the classic levels

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Sonic Origins How to Unlock Mirror Mode

Another in a series of great new 2D releases, Sonic Origins has brought modern remakes of classic Sonic games from the Mega Drive / Genesis era. If you are an experienced retro player, you probably already know all the levels of these games by heart but Origins also brings a little extra twist for a slightly fresher experience. Mirror mode brings the ability to play levels in reverse with Sonic running from right to left instead of left to right. Also, all the elements of the levels are also mirrored so that the experience is completely new and it brings a completely different challenge to old zones. But how do you unlock mirror mode in Sonic Origins?

How to Unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins

The normal way to unlock it is to finish all four games in Anniversary Mode, the new widescreen mode. After you complete them, Mirror Mode will be unlocked. There is also a way for less patient players to get to it faster.

The Start Dash DLC pack, which includes instant access to Mirror Mode among other extras, is a free bonus for pre-ordering Sonic Origins. In order to access the Mirror Mode without having to complete all the games, you can purchase this DLC pack separately if it is too late for pre-order.

Also, if you go for the Digital Deluxe Edition, which is available now, it will get you everything from the DLC, including 100 bonus coins (used for unlocking stuff in the Museum), additional Hard Missions, new letter-box backgrounds for Classic Mode, new character animations for the main menu, more music tracks for Museum, Mirror Mode, and many other bonuses.

Sonic Origins is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S / X, Xbox One, PC via Steam or Epic, and Nintendo Switch.

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