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SMITE Martichoras Build Guide: Best Items, Relics and Abilities

Quite a peculiar Hunter for sure!

by Nikola L

Martichoras is a new Greek Hunter God in SMITE, released in Patch 10.2, and since it’s quite the atypical Hunter, many players are wondering what item build strategy to use, which abilities should be leveled first, and which relics would be great for him.

Prima Games has you covered with all of this, and hopefully, you will enjoy playing Martichoras and his unique gameplay in SMITE.

SMITE Ability Leveling Order for Martichoras — Which Abilities to Level First

If you need more information about Martichoras’ abilities, check out our 10.2 Patch Notes article, the Martichoras showcase is right at the beginning:

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Naturally, the Ultimate ability Death from Above is the one you will prioritize. Next in the priority line is the second ability, Poisoned Barb. The reason behind it is that the root and damage are just absurd and you need that maxed out as soon as possible!

The first ability, Acid Rain is the next in line, and the last ability is Stalk Prey (the third ability). So, the first five levels are simple:

  • Level 1: Poisoned Barb
  • Level 2: Acid Rain
  • Level 3: Stalk Prey (we are not taking Poisoned Barb again here because Stalk Prey is VERY valuable at the start)
  • Level 4: Poisoned Barb
  • Level 5: Death from Above

After that, it’s 5>2>1>3.

Relics and Shards for Martichoras in SMITE

As far as Relics are concerned, I will always go for Beads and Aegis. Martichoras is highly vulnerable and you need to stop opponents from capitalizing on this. Sadly, there’s no Combat Blink anymore, and I see using regular Blink in some rare cases where you need to get close to an opponent.

Shard is entirely up to you. Wing Shard and Horn Shard seem legit as a choice.

Item Build for Martichoras in SMITE

There are a few builds that you can try, depending on what you want to do with Martichoras.

Build 1: Axe of Animosity Martichoras Build (Bug Fix is Pending)

Currently, Axe of Animosity procs from the poison ticks you apply by hitting your enemies with Basic Attacks. This is most likely not the intended way this item should work, so it’s expected that a hotfix will be out sooner or later.

  • Axe of Animosity
  • Shogun’s Kusari
  • Berserker’s Shield
  • Qin’s Sais (6% of HP is too good to pass now)
  • Asi
  • Any item that gives you a lot of Health, depending on the situation the match is in. You might need Physical Protection, you might need Magical Protection. Heartward + the Silence upgrade through a Glyph? Contagion to punish all CC against you?

As soon as you hit Level 20 and buy Axe of Animosity, chaos may ensue.

Build 2: Ability Damage Martichoras Build

When they inevitably nerf the Axe of Animosity interaction, you can try out this build, which also works well in the jungle:

  • Leather Cowl, Eye of the Jungle, or anything you like
  • Transcendence
  • Hydra’s Lament
  • The Crusher
  • Heartseeker
  • Jotunn’s Wrath / Brawler’s Beatstick / Titan’s Bane / anything that is situational.

This build allows you to spam a lot of spells and provides a decent cooldown reduction, and additional damage effects.

Build 3: Attack Speed Martichoras Build

As the headline goes, this one is made in order to max out your Attack Speed, nothing special or out of the ordinary:

  • Leather Cowl, or Eye of the Jungle
  • Asi
  • Executioner (Ferocious Glyph)
  • Qin’s Sais
  • Odysseus’ Bow or Atalanta’s Bow (depending on what you want to accomplish)
  • Silverbranch Bow

Many Bows as you can see, and Martichoras will often say “How am I supposed to wear this” when you buy some items.

I wanted to write about a Crit Build too, but I didn’t have any fun or success with it, nor seen anyone else pull it off.

Martichoras is not built for this, I’m afraid. Sure, you can use Deathbringer’s Glyph (both have some uses) if you stack up 100% Crit Chance but it takes time until you build everything up.

That’s about it for Martichoras. We hope you’ll find a build you like, and potentially tweak it to fit your style, and that you will master Martichoras fast enough.

Make sure to check out our other SMITE articles at the game’s tag under this article. We hope to see you soon at Prima Games!

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