Sea of Stars: What to Do on Stillpond Island – Explained

An island mystery.

Screenshot of Stillpond Island in Sea of Stars.
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As you sail the seas in Sea of Stars, you’ll come across the mysterious Stillpond Island, home to a Fishing Pond… With no fish. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out its purpose, here’s everything you need to know about Stillpond Island on Sea of Stars.

What is Stillpond Island For in Sea of Stars?

If you’re on Stillpond Island and can’t figure out what to do, it’s because—long story short—you’ve not progressed far enough in Sea of Stars yet. Without spoiling anything, you’ll definitely know when you’re at the point where Stillpond Island is useful to you.

While you may be itching to solve the mystery, Stillpond Island is tied to Sea of Stars’ True Ending, so you’ve got your work cut out for you before you’ll be able to discover its secrets.

Stillpond Island Location in Sea of Stars

Stillpond Island is located in the very south, east of Evermist Island. It appears as a fish-shaped island on the map.

Screenshot of Stillpond Island map location in Sea of Stars.
Screenshot by Prima Games
The rest of this guide contains major endgame spoilers for Sea of Stars, so read on at your own risk!

How to Solve the Stillpond Island Secret and Get the Gilded Invitation in Sea of Stars

Once you’ve reached the True Ending, Garl will give you the Hook of Time when you either speak to him twice in The Vespertine kitchen or when camping.

Take the Hook of Time to the ??? Fishing Pond on Stillpond Island. Throw out your fishing line in the pond and use the Hook of Time to reveal the Fishing Dungeon. Go inside.

Progress through the Fishing Dungeon until you reach a pond with the following message:

“The glowing one is the key. All you have to do is “catch” it!”

You’ll see a glowing fish in the water, which you can either fish out using your fishing rod or swim over to it and grab it to get the Fish Key. I personally fished it out for the ~immersion~ but it doesn’t matter how you obtain it.

With the Fish Key in hand, go up the stairs on the left or right and interact with the golden statue in the center of the bridge by the waterfall. Use the Fish Key on it, and the waterfall will disappear, revealing a door. Go through it.

Progress forward until you reach yet another pond. There’s a huge shadow swimming in the water here; throw out your line and catch it to meet Chef Bass, the chef at the exclusive Golden Pelican restaurant in the Port Town of Brisk. He will invite you to dine there and give you the Gilded Invitation.

How to Use the Gilded Invitation in Sea of Stars – Golden Pelican Location

Now that you have the Gilded Invitation, travel to the Port Town of Brisk. Go up the stairs by the Merchant in the center of town and continue left past the fountain. Take the first set of stairs you see on the left after the fountain to reach an outside dining area and the Golden Pelican.

Enter the Golden Pelican and show the Gilded Invitation to the waiter, Gaspar. Now sit back and watch one of the cutest yet emotional cutscenes in Sea of Stars—and don’t forget to bring tissues!

After the cutscene ends, you’ll receive the Legendary Feast Recipe and Question Pack #11, which is the last Question Pack needed to get a Flimsy Hammer.

Once you have all four Flimsy Hammers, you can discover Sea of Stars’ final secret.

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