How to Use the Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars

A secret worth discovering.

How to Use the Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars.
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Once you’ve beaten the True Ending in Sea of Stars, you’ll be left with some Flimsy Hammers that have no use… Or, so it’d appear. The Flimsy Hammers actually hide the game’s final secret, which is definitely worth discovering. Here’s how to use your Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars.

This guide contains major spoilers for Sea of Stars, so read on at your own risk!

Where to Use the Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars – Exact Location

To access the final secret in Sea of Stars, you must have all four Flimsy Hammers. With those in hand, head to the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island.

Once inside, walk forward to the room with the many warp panels on the floor. You want to take the top middle one, southwest of the Cryptkeeper.

Warp panel in the Ancient Crypt in Sea of Stars.
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In this new room, look to the northeast slightly, and you’ll see a broken gravestone. You can’t interact with it by clicking on it, but if you use your Mistral Bracelet on it (R on keyboard, X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation, Y on Nintendo Switch) while facing it from the right, the gravestone will move and reveal a hidden passage.

Go down the ladder to reach a long room. Walk north, and you’ll come across a wall that “looks rather flimsy.” Use a Flimsy Hammer on it to break it. There are four of these walls, which is why you need all four Flimsy Hammers.

At the end of the long room, turn left and interact with the wardrobe in the corner a few times until something happens. And that’s it from me – I won’t spoil Sea of Stars’ final secret. That’s an experience best discovered yourself!

How to Get All 4 Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars

If you don’t have all four Flimsy Hammers needed for the game’s final secret, here’s where you can get them all:

  1. Beat every Wheels Champion and then The Watchmaker in Clockwork Tower on Mesa Island.
  2. Catch all 23 species of fish and then speak to the Master Fisherman at the Fishing Hut in Mirth.
  3. Defeat the final boss in the Sea of Stars True Ending.
  4. Complete all 11 Question Packs on Casual and Expert difficulty at the Quiz Master in the Town of Lucent.

Once you’ve obtained them all, you can head to the Ancient Crypt on Settlers Island and unlock the Flimsy Hammer secret.


There are nine Wheels Champions in Sea of Stars. Here’s where to find them:

• Port Town of Brisk – The Humble Boast tavern.
• Town of Lucent – The First Stage of Grief tavern.
• Docarri Village – Inn.
• Mirth – Inn (once you’ve obtained the Inn Plans and recruited the Mirth Innkeeper).
• Mooncradle – Tavern.
• Stonemasons Outpost – In the house southeast of Wind Tunnel Mines.
• The Vespertine.
• Cloud Kingdom – Inn.
• Repine – Inn.

Where Are Settlers Island and the Ancient Crypt in Sea of Stars? – Map Location

Ancient Crypt map location in Sea of Stars.
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Settlers Island is northwest of Mesa Island and northeast of Wraith Island. Once you dock, go through Mirth and follow the path to the top of the island, where you’ll find the Ancient Crypt.


If you backed the game on Kickstarter and designed a grave, this is where you’ll find it.

Are There Any More Secrets in Sea of Stars?

If you’ve obtained all four Flimsy Hammers, then, no, there are no more secrets left to discover in Sea of Stars. Sabotage Studio has confirmed that Sea of Stars will be getting DLC called Throes of the Watchmaker, though, so who knows – maybe more secrets are on the way.

Sea of Stars is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you want to know what I thought of the game, check out my Sea of Stars review.

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