Where to Find the Mirth Innkeeper in Sea of Stars

The Inn can't run itself, after all.

Screenshot of Mirth Inn in Sea of Stars.
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As you trade in your Rainbow Conches to Mirna in Docarri Village, you receive plans for a handful of facilities that can be built in Mirth on Settlers Island. The Inn Plans are one of these, but you need an Innkeeper to run it. Here’s where to find the Mirth Innkeeper in Sea of Stars.

Mirth Innkeeper Exact Location in Sea of Stars

Once you’ve obtained the Inn Plans after trading in 19 Rainbow Conches and giving it to Jirard the Constructionist in Mirth, head to the Town of Lucent on Wraith Island. Here, go inside the Inn in the north of town and speak to Edgar, the Innkeeper. He will explain that his brother is in need of work and asks if you know of any opportunities “fit for an Innkeeper.” Well, as luck would have it, you do!

Edgar will inform his brother, Lambert, that Mirth is in need of an Innkeeper, and he’ll head there right away. You’ll then receive a notification informing you that the Mirth Inn is now available in Sea of Stars.

Mirth Inn Location in Sea of Stars

To find the Inn in Mirth, go to the allotment to the left of Moraine’s house in the center of town. The Inn is directly north of it, as seen in the screenshot below:

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