Saints Row: How to Unlock Crew Customization

Make sure your Saints look top notch.

One of the biggest parts of any Saints Row game is customizing your crew. When building the Saints empire, you want to make sure your members look good, drive sick cars, and show off the sleek purple design. In this reboot, the Saints don’t exist at first, so it will take some time to unlock customization. Here’ show to unlock crew customization in Saints Row.

Saints Row: How to Unlock Crew Customization

First off, you’ll need to progress through the main story. This is the key to actually unlocking the crew customization feature. You’ll need to open your headquarters, The Old Church, which will happen after a handful of story missions.

After that, you’ll need to complete the mission Aggressive Recruiting to unlock the ability to customize your Saints.

Once you’ve completed the mission, you’ll see that crew customization has unlocked in the rewards screen, but where do you find it?

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Head into the church and go to the big bar on the right-hand side of the entrance. You’ll see a little glass dome on the bartop. When you walk over to it, click on a prompt that says “Saints Crew” to go to the menu.

You can change the appearance of your friends, Saints members, and the vehicles they drive. You can fully customize the crew, but there are toggles for different outfits and cars. As you progress more through your criminal ventures, you’ll unlock the rest of the outfits and vehicles for the Saints.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to unlock and customize your crew in Saints Row. You might also need help finding the Empire Board and where to customize your weapons in Saints Row. Be sure to look at those handy tips.

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