How to Use Preset Codes in Saints Row

Become a comic or a meme character with these easy steps.

Saints Row Reboot has resumed the tradition of having great character customization, and it seems that the options have been significantly improved since the last few entries in the series. While some people are not fully satisfied with the gameplay, the character customization is full of options and you can spend hours losing yourself in it. You can also import characters made by other players so you can run around as Harley Quinn, a Genshin character, or Hulk if you want. Here’s how to use Preset Codes in Saints Row.

How to Import Preset Boss Codes from Boss Factory in Saints Row Reboot

After the first few missions (namely, after the Morning Commute mission), you will be granted access to your smartphone – a source for many cool options and features in the game. Open your phone, pick the “Style” option, and at the very top, you will see the option “Bosses” with the Saints logo.

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From there, you need to go to the Community page (you will see it at the top of the new window that comes up). There are many options there for you to try out, but in order to import a Preset Code, you need to pick the third option called “Search by Share Code.”

The Share Codes are, of course, obtained from the website. There is an alternative to this called “Browse” where you can browse other people’s creations, favorite them, upvote them, etc.

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When you find a Boss you would like to import, click the “Buy and Download” option that has the dollar sign before it. Afterward, you just need to press the Apply Boss button and then return to the “Style” menu, return to the Bosses menu, and hit the floppy disk icon to save the current boss.

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