Can You Change Vehicle Camera Sensitivity in Saints Row Reboot? – Answered

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Modern games need modern settings. What I mean by this is most games these days are pretty complicated, and there’s a bigger demand for smaller degrees of tweaking. And that’s before you bring accessibility to the conversation, which needs a lot of choices to be done as well as possible. That includes the camera, which can be a big part of a game, especially one with shooting, adventuring and driving. So does Saints Row let you adjust camera sensitivity for vehicles?

Does Saints Row Have Vehicle Camera Sensitivity Options?

Not specifically, no. Saints Row does have a dedicated menu for camera settings in the options, but it isn’t a very complex one. You can adjust different settings for using a mouse vs using a controller, with separate invert toggles for each. There are also some bespoke sensitivity options, but there’s nothing specifically for vehicles.

You can tweak the sensitivity for Fine Aim, mouse control, and general X/Y sensitivity for controllers. Vehicle camera is presumably roped into those higher level options, which may or may not be helpful depending on your needs. There is one more option, although it might not hit those needs either. But we’ll note it here just in case.

The Accessibility menu has a lot of stuff, allowing users to tweak things like individual aspects of difficulty, vehicle speed, aim assist or camera shaking, lots of things meant for specific needs. There’s a different camera menu in here, which has some more options such as boosted mouse sensitivity. There’s no vehicle camera sensitivity here, but there is a “vehicle camera follow” slider that can alter the time it takes for the driving camera to re-center on the player.

Hopefully that and the other sensitivity options (among other accessibility choices) can help in tandem for vehicular control issues. If something feels missing though, say so! Shoot a line over to the developers, find a community rep on social media, etc. That kind of outreach does bring changes such as these.

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