Where to Find the Crashed UFO in Saints Row

Why is it so close to the road though

Saints Row has a lot of Stuff littered around its world, which is a sort of fictional take on Las Vegas. It’s kind of like real life, except in real life it’s actually just garbage. In Saints Row, you find things like crashed UFOs buried in the ground. And it isn’t just an Easter Egg; you get to take it home! Here’s how to find it.

Saints Row Crashed UFO Collectible Location

First you need to go pretty much all the way to the right side of the map, in the Kavanagh County Territory area. Right up next to the line between Rojas Desert North and South. Or you can just look at this screenshot of the map:

Once you know where to go, it isn’t really much of a search. The UFO is sticking out of the ground only a few feet away from the road, and it’s also glowing and blinking like a key card in a mediocre mid-2000s first-person shooter.

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Skankin’ at the UFO

Roll up on that bad boy and take a picture. Surprise! It’s a collectible!

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Well ACTUALLY it’s a space ship

A small one, which is weird but whatever. It fits pretty well next to the weapons cache or the bar.

Skankin’ at the UFO but indoors this time

Finding hidden UFOs or other goofy Area 51 gags is a time-honored videogame tradition, from Tony Hawk to Grand Theft Auto. But in Saints Row you get to take home a souvenir. Neat. This is just one of many collectibles, which we could potentially include several guides for here at Prima games. In the meantime you can find other Saints Row guides for things like reading a skill menu.

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