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Saints Row: How to Customize Your Weapons

Make a weapon truly your own.

by Jesse Vitelli

Expression is a massive part of Saints Row. Being able to dress, walk, and look however you want. Another form of expression in this absurdist over-the-top open world is through weapon customization. Outside of simply making your weapons more powerful, you can change their color, style, pattern, and much more. Here is how to customize your weapons in Saints Row.

Saints Row: How to Customize Your Weapons

If you’re looking to customize your weapons in Saints Row, you’ll need to head over to the arsenal, which can be found in your apartment at the start of the game, or eventually, it will move to the Saints headquarters after a few missions. Once you are at the Saint’s office, go to the main lobby, where there will be four rooms; look for the one with all of the weapons on the wall and in cages; this is where you’ll be able to customize your weapons.

Head over to it and interact with the cage, then click on the weapon you want to customize and select the customize option. You’ll then be able to choose the paint color, weapon decals, surface features, and more. This si where you’ll be able to get creative and design some genuinely iconic and standout weapons for your arsenal.

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As you progress in the game and complete more challenges and missions, you’ll unlock even more options for your weapons. Be sure to stop in your arsenal every once in a while to check out all of the sick new possibilities you’ve unlocked by playing.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about customizing your weapons in Saint’s Row. This is just one of the many features you can do in Saints Row to express yourself. Be sure to check out the character customizer.

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