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Saints Row: How to Unlock Castle Kraken

Time to become royalty.

by Jesse Vitelli

There are a lot of activities and enterprises to embroil in with Saints Row. One of those sidequests involves a live-action role-playing game and becoming the founder of your own fictional house. Here is how to unlock Castle Kraken in Saints Row.

Saints Row: How to Unlock Castle Kraken

First, you’ll need to progress far enough in the game to unlock the Sinta headquarters in the old church. You’ll do this by advancing the main missions, which will happen pretty early on.

After completing this mission, you’ll need to accept the quest from Eli called The Dustmoot. This will begin your dive into the LARP of Saints Row. After a small tutorial mission and taking down the House Tapeworm, your character will suggest starting their own house.

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After completing the mission, you’ll be tasked with founding Castle Kraken, the home base of your LARP activities. To push forward this storyline, you’ll need to build the castle using your empire board, which can be found on the second floor of your headquarters. From here, interact with the board and place Castle Kraken wherever your heart desires.

You’ll need $30,000 to build the castle, so be sure you have the cash on you at the time. If you don’t, run some more missions or side activities to earn it, and then come back and place the castle.

Once this is finished, you will have a newly built castle and be given the next steps of the quest. Hover over the castle’s location on your map to see what your next objectives are for continuing forward.

Your following quests will be to light the beacon of House Dust Storm and House Phoenix. Doing this will move the quests forward again.

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