Revenant Apex Legends – Everything We Know

The Apex Legends character of Revenant made a shocking cameo in a video dedicated to Forge.

There is plenty of excitement circulating in the Apex Legends community with the upcoming start of Season 4 ready to begin. Respawn Entertainment has been hyping up Season 4 by teasing the new character of Forge with one of the latest teasers being an animated video where Forge is being interviewed ahead of his debut in the battle royale game. However, a mysterious assailant called Revenant appears suddenly during the interview and stabs Forge in the back. It is later confirmed that Revenant is reportedly successful in killing Forge. This attack has caused plenty of speculation amongst the community regarding what role Revenant will play in Season 4. 

Revenant Apex Legends

Now, the Apex Legends community has had knowledge of Revenant for some time thanks to leaks by dataminers that have alluded to the assassin being a future character that Respawn Entertainment would be adding to the title for players to use in battle. Players were also able to spot an appearance of the assailant during this year’s Halloween event for the battle royale title. It is safe to say though that when Respawn Entertainment revealed during a sneak peek Livestream for Season 4 that Forge would be the new character added and that assassin would be coming in a future season.

Revenant Apex Legends

Due to the Revenant’s surprise cameo attack, there could be a possibility that the assassin and Forge will both be added to the game as playable characters when Season 4 kicks off. There is also a possibility that this attack by Revenant was used as a way to add more depth to the backstory of Forge. Players will have to wait until Season 4 begins to learn what Respawn Entertainment has planned for Revenant and his murderous ways.

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