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Apex Legends Sentinel – Everything We Know

by Nicholas Barth

There is plenty of excitement currently buzzing in the Apex Legends community thanks to the upcoming start of Season 4, which will be bringing a plethora of new content for players of the battle royale game to enjoy. One of the most significant pieces of content that will be arriving in Apex Legends Season 4 will be the new weapon known as the Sentinel. This new sniper rifle for the battle royale will be bringing a unique punch for players to take advantage of when they are using this formidable weapon amid a firefight. Fortunately, we have everything currently known about the Apex Legends Season 4 weapon of the Sentinel covered for you. 

Apex Legends Sentinel

Players will find that the Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper rifle that will provide plenty of satisfying bolting animations for players when they are firing off rounds against their enemies. One of the unique aspects of the Apex Legends Season 4 Sentinel sniper rifle is that it possesses a charge mechanic. Respawn Entertainment did not go into a great deal of detail when it came to the charge mechanic of the Sentinel sniper rifle. However, the developers explained that it would provide players with more decision making when it comes to using the charge mechanic to deliver your most powerful shot or not using it in favor of firing off more rounds in a quicker manner. 

Apex Legends Sentinel

The Sentinel will be the fifth sniper rifle that is made available in Apex Legends, joining the likes of the G7 Scout, Triple Take, Longbow, and Kraber. There is no doubt that there will be plenty of excited players who are ready to see how many kills they can rack up with this new weapon when Season 4 arrives in early February. 

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