Season 4 of Apex Legends will be here before we know it. Respawn Entertainment is doing its best to drive up the excitement for the new period of content by providing some exciting teasers for the unique character of Forge. One of the latest was an animated video that showed Forge being interviewed before his debut in the battle royale title. However, a mysterious assassin interrupts the television interview and stabs Forge in the back. According to another tweet from the official Twitter account for the game, Forge was killed by this assassin. Players can now go to Forge's loot box and get a Steel Cut Commemorative Charm for free to remember the fallen character. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get this Steel Cut Commemorative Charm covered for you.

How to Get Steel Cut Commemorative Charm in Apex Legends

Players can acquire this Steel Cut Commemorative Charm by heading to the Sorting Factory location on the World's Edge map. On the side of the train station, you will see pictures of Forge surrounding a death box. Loot this death box, and you will be able to obtain the Steel Cut Commemorative Charm and have it available for you to customize your weapons. 

 Steel Cut Commemorative Charm Apex Legends

However, you will need to be very careful when you are getting the Steel Cut Commemorative Charm. Sorting Factory is a very popular landing area in Apex Legends, and other players are sure to be looking to get this cosmetic item for their collection as well. These two factors mean that you will likely face off against massive enemy resistance when you go to acquire this item. 

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