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Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Mod Turns the Village Fight to Endless Survival

For the sickos who can't wait a few more days for the full version

by Lucas White

The Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo, which essentially lets players run through the whole intro of the game, doesn’t have a time limit. However, there is a sequence that may as well be a time limit, since it’s an endurance challenge that does end the demo upon conclusion. But if you just want to fight an endless wave of crazed villagers until you die, you can do so with the help of a mod. For the PC version, at least.

The mod is called “Church Bell No More (Infinite Timer)” by user praydog on Nexus Mods. The primary function of this mod is to turn the in-game timer off during the demo’s endurance challenge that sees Leon facing off against endlessly-spawning enemies until the timer goes off and a bell rings. This signal boots up a cutscene, ending the challenge and the demo. While you can start the demo over as much as you want, the infamous “bingo” line could technically be considered a time limit.

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In addition to the timer removal, which lets you fight until you get your fill of carnage, there are other cheat code-like features included in the Church Bell No More mod. The list of options includes Always Mad Chainsaw, Disable Chainsaw Spawn, Village Timer Freeze, Infinite Durability and Infinite Ammo. These will really let players goof around with the demo to their heart’s content.

Using this mod requires another piece of software called REFramework, which is also located at Nexus Mods. Basically that is just a mod management software that lets you inject stuff like this into the game. Nothing sketchy is going on here, but at the same time you are rubbing up against Capcom’s EUA, so proceed with this stuff at your own risk. It’s probably fine though.

While you’re checking out Nexus Mods for Resident Evil 4, you can also do things like add a CRT filter or swap Leon’s gun with a banana.

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