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 Remnant 2 Weapons Tier List – Best Weapons and Guns in Remnant 2

Dozens of guns to choose from, but which reigns supreme?

There is no shortage of guns in Remnant 2. Some of the best come equipped with unique mods that can change the tide of a fight. But which of these guns stands head and shoulder (holster and sight?) above the rest? Here are the best guns and weapons in Remnant 2.

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 Remnant 2 Weapons Tier List – Best Weapons and Guns in Remnant 2

When I say there are a lot of guns in Remnant 2, I mean it. You have your standard weapons, which you can get as part of your Archetype selection. You have guns that you can cobble together with the body parts of slain bosses. You have guns you can find by exploring some convoluted side paths.

But not all guns are created equal. Weapons created from boss material, for example, receive a 20% boost per upgrade, whereas standard weapons will only get a 10% boost. So, how does it boil down?

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The Best Long Guns in Remnant 2

  • Aphelion

In what looks to be an error by the developers, Aphelion’s base damage jumps from 62 to 310 once upgraded to level 20. This is a massive increase that should have been capped at 200% instead of 400%. It’s also likely that, at some point, it will be fixed. But until then, enjoy the big numbers.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

  Supernova: Fires the compressed remains of a dying star. On contact or hit with the primary fire, it causes Supernova to explode for 150 FIRE Damage and 350 BURNING Damage over 10s to all targets within 4m.   Striking the Supernova with Aphelion’s primary fire increases its explosion radius by 25% and damage by 50%, spawns a massive shockwave that deals 300 FIRE damage, and also applies the initial BURNING amount.Must use the Override Pin and defeat the Sha’Hala in Sentinel’s Keep, N’Erud.
  • Widowmaker

One shot, one kill is the mantra of Widowmaker. This gun has a single bullet in its magazine, but it has the highest critical hit chance (10%), weapon damage (120%), and stagger modifier (10%) for all long guns. However, it does require that you land that crit shot to really see it shine.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

A powerful single-shot sniper rifle with excellent range and pinpoint accuracy. Comes with a 3x scope. Tap SCOPE to toggle.Purchased from Brabus at Ward 13.
  • Deceit

Deceit ties with Aphelion for the highest critical hit chance at 15%. However, what makes it stand out from the rest of the long guns in the game is its Mod, Ouroboros, which causes all attacks from Deceit to register as weak spot hits. When taken in conjunction with Deceit’s high critical hit chance, this becomes particularly powerful.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

Ouroboros: Conjures 3 sword fragments that encircle the wielder for 30s. Performing a Melee Attack lets loose a Fragment, which taints the blood of targets, causing all attacks from Deceit to register as Weakspot hits for a short period of time. Charge Melee Attacks fire all remaining Fragments at once.You must choose to kill Faelin in the Beatific Gallery in Losomn.

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The Best Handguns in Remnant 2

As you get further into the game, you’ll likely find that your long gun holds less and less ammo. That’s where the handgun comes in, making up the difference with more versatility. But that doesn’t mean that the handgun can’t be powerful. Here are the top three in the game.

  • Rune Pistol

While the Rune Pistol offers very low damage, it makes up for it with a large magazine, 0% stagger modifier, and 100% weak spot damage bonus. Its Mod does hurt either, though it could certainly be better.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

Rune Pistol
Soul Brand: Applies Soul Brand to all enemies within 25m, which lasts 25s. Enemies killed while bearing the Soul Brand leave behind an Echo, which lasts 10s before returning to the Nightmare Realm. Echoes are drawn to any survivor who walks within 3m, granting 20% of Max Health on contact.Crafted using the Decrepit Rune at Nimue in Losomn.
  • MP6O-R

An old favorite return to Remnant 2. This handgun offers a large magazine, a 0% stagger modifier, but more importantly, a 10% critical hit chance and a +100% weapon spot damage bonus. It does fire at twice the rate of Rune Pistol at 14.2 rounds per second, making it neck and neck with our top spot.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

A small-caliber submachine gun best suited for close-range skirmishes.Found in Ford’s Chest in Ward 13. The chest is in Ford’s office. The code is on the flashlight he gave you in the tutorial (0415).
  • Sorrow

Some of these guns have the saddest names. Widowmaker, now Sorrow? But considering its lore, the name is fitting. Sorrow is defined by its high damage and small magazine, making it the inverse of the two other guns on this list. It benefits from a very high weak spot damage bonus at 115%, and its low rate of fire is reduced by its Mod, Eulogy. So long as you can hit those shots, it’s a powerful gun.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

Eulogy: Recalls bolts which deal 30 damage when pulled from the enemy and striking targets on their return. Recalled bolts grant 2% of Max HP. Recalled bolts can also overfill Sorrow by up to +5. Any bolts will be returned to reserves.Obtained by trading the Tear of Kaeula to Meidre in Yaesha.

The Best Melee in Remnant 2

If you thought there were a lot of handguns, then just wait for the melees. There’s a grand total of 37 melee weapons in the game, 24 of which are normal, and 13 that are special. While melee weapons are rarely the focus of any build, they offer some of the most unique Mods. Here are the top three.

  • Atom Splitter

Atom Splitter is one of several great swords which offers high damage at the expense of speed. And while Atom Splitter technically offers less damage than Iron Great Sword (100 vs 105 damage), Atom Splitter is preferable because of its Mod ability.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

Atom Splitter
Fission Strike: On Neutral Evade Attacks, Atom Splitter achieves Nuclear fission, releasing a wave of charged particles that deals 150 Damage to targets within 20m. Charged Neutral Evade Attacks increase range by 3x and Damage by 25%.Obtained in a random spawning area in N’Erud dungeons. You know you’re in the right place if you find pods being moved by giant mechanical arms.
  • Gas Giant

This weapon is locked behind a challenging (but fun) boss fight. But it’s worth the extra challenge. The Gas Giant offers 74 damage, but what makes it so good is that dealing damage with it applies Corroded for 5 seconds. This does continuous tick damage, and its Mod further amplifies it.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

Gas Giant
Dying Breath: When infused, Neural Backdash Charge Attack explodes in a 3m. AOE and leaves an ACID Cloud, which lasts for 15s.Obtained by allowing Tal Ratha in N’Erud to eat you. Doing so will trigger a harder boss fight that will cause Ta Ratha to drop the Gas Giant material.
  • Spectral Blade

If this were a list of the coolest-looking weapons, Spectral Blade would be near the top. This energy katana has a base damage of 53 but weak spot damage of 105%. It’s also incredibly fast, making it great for players using the Invader archetype, and its Mod is excellent for hacking down groups of enemies.

WeaponDescriptionHow to Get

Spectral Blade
Whirlwind: Neutral Backdash Charge creates a Whirlwind of slashes that strike all enemies within 8m for 75 damage.Obtained by defeating Sha’Hala in N’Erud.

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