Remnant 2 Class Tier List: Best Classes in Remnant 2 Ranked

Who will reign supreme?

Remnant 2 has no shortage of ways to ways to play the game. You can summon, rain down pipe bombs, decimate with a turret, or become Palpatine and smite your foes with lightning straight from your hands. But which of Remnant 2’s archetypes are the best?

Remnant 2 Class Tier List: Best Classes in Remnant 2 Ranked

Every Archetype in Remnant 2 has utility. From the consumable spam of Alchemist (who fails to make the list because of Scrap costs) to the bombardment of the Summoner’s pets. But some Archetypes are simply head and shoulder above the rest. Here are the top five classes in Remnant 2, ranked.

5. Handler

The Handler, despite being a base class, is a class that offers extreme utility. This Archetype gives you a dog companion which is capable of drawing attention and attacking enemies and will chase down enemies who try to withdraw. But it’s also capable of reviving both you and your teammates. In fact, the dog can revive your teammates even if you’re dead, which has led to some incredible clutch victories in co-op.

If you opt to use the Support Dog Handler Skill, the dog will continuously heal you and your allies each second.

4. Gunslinger

Before Remnant 2 was first released, the Gunslinger was the pre-order bonus. And that was likely for good reason – it’s an excellent class that really lets you sink into the shooter aspect of the game. The Gunslinger is everything a fan of FPS could want. It offers near-infinite ammo at all times, with the ability to negate reloads with perks.

The Skill Bulletstorm also adds value to any gun type, as it increases fire rate by 20%.

3. Invader

If you came into Remnant 2 feeling like the stealth and melee options were lackluster, the Invader solves that in style. This Archetype allows you to summon distracting decoys with its Prime Perk, but where it really shines is its Archetype Perks.

S.H.A.R.K. grants you an increased melee range and damage for each second you move, allowing you to weave in and out of fights while slaughtering your enemies from all directions. This works well with the Skills Void Cloak, which grants automatic perfect dodge, or Worm Hole, which increases melee damage. And the Invader Trade, which increases your invulnerability window when you dodge, will keep you untouchable.

While it’s not as strong as the next class on the list, it’s easily one of the most fun to play.

2. Archon

It’s only natural that the final class, unlockable only after beating the game and completing half a dozen obscure steps, winds up in one of the top spots. The Archon is the hardest Archetype to obtain, and it has the most diverse array of skills available to it.

What Archon really leans on is Mods. Its Perks are based around regenerating Mod Power and increasing Mod Damage. But what makes it truly unique are its Skills. Players have the option of a defensive ability, a buff, or an offensive ability. Each of which provides their own unique utility. But Havoc Form is easily the most engaging, as it lets you cast Lightning Tendrils from your hand and teleport away (or into) danger.

The ability to constantly use Mods can’t be overstated, and it has great synergy with the Archon Skill Chaos Gate, which increases damage dealt by 15%.

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1. Engineer

It’s likely that you didn’t expect to see the Engineer here. After all, the turret is nice, but it’s not busted. But what is busted is that Engineer can turn on God mode.

With the right build, you can get 100% damage reduction, making you Doctor Manhattan with a machine gun. And just like Doctor Manhattan, you can wield this build in the nude. This is done using the Engineer’s team perk, Magnetic Field, which reduces damage by 15%, jumpstarting your journey to taking zero damage.

If you’re curious about this endgame build, or you just really want to know how people are stomping the final boss barehanded, check out our guide here: Best Solo Endgame Build in Remnant 2.

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