Best Solo Endgame Build in Remnant 2

Become a God amongst puny, damage-taking mortals

Remnant 2 has endless ways to tweak your build, from Archetypes to Rune Fragments. But as you get into late game, you’ll quickly find that not all builds are made equal. Especially when certain bosses are throwing one-hit KO nukes at you. Here’s your build to solo Remnant 2’s endgame content.

Best Solo Endgame Build in Remnant 2

With so many ways to tweak your stats in Remnant 2, it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to become a God.

User Revolutionary_Yam from Reddit shared his build in the Remnant 2 subreddit, proving that you don’t need weapons or armor to defeat the final boss. Instead, it all boils down to Damage Reduction and items that give you grey health instead of red.

By using a combination of the Engineer Archetype, Traits, and Relic Fragments, it’s possible to get your Damage Reduction to its cap. Here’s the equipment recommended.


  • Effigy Pendant
  • Amber Moonstone
  • Restriction Cord
  • Hardened Coil
  • Rusted Heirloom
Item Item AbilityHow to Find

Effigy Pendant (amulet)
While Grey Health is present, gain 15% to all damage dealt, 10% damage reduction and 1 additional hit before Grey Health is removed.Found in secret passage behind planks in Losomn, Cotton’s Kiln or Butcher’s Quarters.

Amber Moonstone (ring)
When the wearer’s Health drops below 30%, all incoming damage is reduced by 25% and the wearer becomes immune to Temporary Status Effects.Bought from Cass in Ward 13.

Restriction Cord (ring)
Restricts the wearer from Healing above 50% of their Max Health and reduces all incoming damage by 10%.Bought from Bedel of The Vaunnt at Yaesha.

Hardened Coil (ring)
Reduces all incoming damage by 3% for each 10% of missing Health. Max 15% reduction.Randomly spawns in Yaesha, Forgotten Fields or after the double boss fight in Yaesha, Imperial Gardens.

Rusted Heirloom (ring)
Grants 2 Stacks of BULWARK below 50% Max HP.Found in safe in Losomn. I found it in the hidden room in Tiller’s Rest.

Reprocessed Heart
On use, converts 5 Health to 40 Mod Power per second for 25s for Both Weapons. Cannot die from conversion.Found in the Labyrinth. Reward for completing the Portal Inertia Event.

Damage Reduction Relic
5% Damage Reduction.Found by defeating enemies, bosses, and in chests. 5% is exceptionally hard to find, requiring level 10 from all or most Archetypes.

Traits, Abilities, and Archetypes

There is only one Archetype that’s necessary for the invincible damage reduction build, and that’s Engineer. This is due in large part to the Engineer perk Magnetic Field, which grants you 15% damage reduction when you’re within 2.5 meters of your turret.

The final flourish is the Barkskin Trait, which can be obtained by finding Meidra in Yaesha. Once there, you’ll need to answer her questions in a way that allies yourself to the Doe. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out our related link below.

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How the 0 Damage Engineer Build Works

You might have noticed that I haven’t said anything about armor or weapons. That’s because you won’t need the armor and the weapon is, you guessed it, the Heavy Weapon of the engineer class. Beyond that, you’ll be punching everything black and blue. And yes, that includes the final boss when possible.

Instead, you’ll be focused on keeping your health low (below 30%, to trigger Amber Moonstone) and in the grey. That’s what the Reprocessed Heart Relic is for. Doing all this will give you 100% damage and stagger resistance. But if you find that you can’t get to that 100% (very likely, as the 5% Damage Reduction Relic Fragment is very late game), the Indignant Fetish amulet can help make up the difference. But note, you’ll still stagger.

But while you have this build, it really feels like you turned on godmode.

If you prefer to play things a little more traditionally, why not check out how to get the rarest Archetype of all? I’m talking, of course, about the coveted Archon Archetype: How to Unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2.

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