Remnant 2: How to Solve the Elevator Puzzle in Yaesha

Who doesn't love puzzles hidden behind invisible walls?

As you travel through Yaesha, so much of what you experience can boil down to random chance. Something you encounter in one dungeon might be totally missing from another’s. And that’s likely the case for Yaesha’s tower / elevator puzzle, which can appear in at least three dungeons in the world. Here’s how to solve the Yaesha Elevator puzzle in Remnant 2.

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How to Solve the Imperial Gardens Elevator Puzzle and Find the Blooming Heart

As you traverse the dungeons of Yaesha, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a massive tower. Enter it, and you’ll find that it lifts you to the very top, where a chest will be waiting for you. But don’t think that’s all there is to this tower! In fact, there’s a secret hidden in its base.

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But before we even get to solving it, note that this elevator / tower puzzle can appear in the Imperial Gardens, The Forgotten Fields, and the Expanding Glade. There might be even more locations, but the visuals are always the same.

At the base of the two stairs will be a large wall. This wall is an illusion you can pass right through. Yaesha loves invisible walls.

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Go through the wall and you’ll find a plinth and a locked door. To find the key for the plinth, you’ll need to leave the room and head towards the tower. Step on the pressure plate that starts it, but immediately get off. You should not ride the elevator upward!

Screenshots by Prima Games | Action roll off that elevator

Do this correctly, and you’ll find that the stone column that would have lifted you up to the top has the symbols emblazoned on it. Don’t worry if you miss them, you’ll be able to see them in the windows of the tower if you step away.

Here are the symbols from my tower.

With your newfound key, head back to the plinth. The order you put the symbols in doesn’t matter, but you must line up the key on top.

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Once you do that, the door will open, revealing the Blooming Heart Relic.

Blooming Heart Relic
 On use, heals the user for 35% of caster’s Max Health over 5s. Spawns 3 Healing Orbs which grant 35% of caster’s Max Health over 5s. Orbs last 20s. Recasting removes previous Orbs

If you found this puzzle in the Imperial Gardens, like I did, you might be wondering how to solve the plinth puzzle in the middle of the map. We’ve got you covered: How to Solve the Imperial Gardens Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2.

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