How to Solve the Imperial Gardens Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2

The perfect weapon to kill these annoying Root Flyers

The Imperial Gardens might be one of the loveliest places in Yaesha, speaking most truly to the world that once was. Trellises fill the area, along with languid, curated pools. But those times are gone, and now it only serves to grant us a new weapon. Assuming you can solve its puzzle, that is. Here’s how to solve the Imperial Garden puzzle in Remnant 2.

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How to Solve the Imperial Gardens Dial Puzzle in Remnant 2

The Imperial Garden absolutely sprawls. But there’s one puzzle at its center – a plinth puzzle with a set of symbols you’ve likely become well acquainted with. Find the correct symbols, and a secret door will open, leading you to a generic chest and a brand-new weapon. Here’s how to solve it.

There are four bright blue symbols on stone plagues scattered in the area surrounding the plinth. Two of these symbols don’t require you to do anything. But two will require you to shoot vine-choked trellises that have a glowing explosive node in them. Shooting these nodes will then reveal the room behind them.

Screenshot and Map by Prima Games

Map Legend

  • Numbers – Location of Symbol
  • Star – Location of Plinth Puzzle

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While it’s possible that these plague locations, and symbols, are random, every person I’ve seen with this puzzle has had the same map composition and puzzle solution. So, if you want to avoid running a marathon, here are the symbols and the solution.

Screenshots by Prima Games

While the order doesn’t matter, the symbols input have to be on top, between the two dark brown stone nodes on the plinth.

Once you’ve input those solutions, the floor will open on either side of you. The left drop will take you to a chest with Scrap, Iron, and a Relic Fragment. Once you’re down there, you’ll also have access to the Cross Bow, a long gun slot weapon.

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