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Remnant 2: Endaira’s End Maze Solution and All Secrets

Around and around we go

Endaira’s End is one of those dungeons that is absolutely rife with secrets and mysteries. Here’s how to get through Endaira’s End maze and find all its secrets.

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Remnant 2: Endaira’s End Maze Solution and All Secrets

While many of the best secrets in Endaira’s End require you to have a friend in tow, Endaira’s Maze can be conquered solo. You can use our table of contents below to jump to any item or secret you’re curious about. Otherwise, I’ll be going in the order you encounter them.

The maze’s entrance is close to where you grab Endaira’s Endless Loop ring on the altar. In the same room, turn right and step forward, facing the wall. There is a pressure plate on the floor that will cause the wall to lift, revealing the maze.

The center tile in each room of the maze is the pressure point that will open one to two doors. You’ll need to wait until the wall is fully lifted before you can run into the next room, otherwise you’ll run out of time.

There are enemies and traps within the maze, but if you move in a straight line, you should never be shot by arrows. The only real enemy you’ll have to worry about is the miniboss, which may or may not spawn for you. Now, let’s get those items.

Map Legend

  • A / Pink Arrows – Kell Axe.
  • B – Aberration Fester Boss
  • C – Tempest Conduit Ring
  • D Pulsing Heart Relic

How to Get Krell Axe in Remnant 2

Krell’s Axe is one of the easiest items in the maze. Upon entering the maze, go up three tiles, then turn right. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to backtrack. But you can circle around and wind up at the start of the maze. From here, you can continue as normal.

ItemItem Ability

Krell Axe
Krell Edge: Charge to throw the Krell Axe which applies OVERLOADED on hit, dealing 50 SHOCK Damage every 5s for 10s. Shortly after throwing, another will appear in the wielders hand.

How to Find Fester Miniboss in Remnant 2

This Aberration, aptly called Fester, has a chance of appearing in your maze. If it does, it likely means that the other secret miniboss, Atrophy, is not in your dungeon. This Root Zombie relies on up-close melee attacks, and it will spawn in with a small horde of other Root Zombies as part of one of his boss abilities. Take out the minions, then focus on chopping Fester down to size.

Once defeated, he’ll drop the Vampire Blade Mutator, 200 Scrap, Cracked Stagger Damage +4, two Corrupted Lumenite, and a Cracked Weakspot Damage. These fragments may be randomized.

How to Get Tempest Conduit in Remnant 2

This is technically the big item we’ve been going for. This ring is at the very end of the maze, laid out on the altar, very similar to Endaira’s Endless Loop. But unlike Endaira’s Endless Loop, it’s an extremely useful ring, especially against certain bosses.

Here’s how to get to it, based on your perspective as you’re entering the maze.

  • Straight.
  • Straight.
  • Straight.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Right.
  • Straight.
  • Straight.
  • Right.
  • Straight.
  • Straight.
ItemItem Ability

Tempest Conduit
After receiving Elemental Damage, increases all damage dealt by 10% and Resistance to the received Element by 20 for 20s.

How to Get the Pulsing Heart in Endaira’s End

While many players (myself included) miss the maze on their first play-through, this Relic is almost always overlooked. That’s because it’s one of the few items in the game hidden by an invisible wall.

Once you’ve claimed the Tempest Conduit at the end of the maze, you’ll climb up a ladder. You’ll then end up in a small chamber with stairs that will lead you back to the second checkpoint outside of the maze. But… isn’t it suspicious that there’s nothing here?

From the stairs, look down at the room. The great big plain wall is an illusion. You can attack or roll right through it. And doing so will reveal a brand-new relic – the Pulsing Heart.

ItemItem Ability

Pulsing Heart
On use, pulses every 3s, healing allies within 7m for 20 Health over 0.5s per pulse. Lasts 15s.

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