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Mutators Remnant 2
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If you’re looking to have some icing on the cake of your Remnant 2 build, then Mutators are exactly what you need. One can be applied to whatever weapon you choose, instantly improving its power and only getting better when that Mutator is leveled up. However, not all Mutators are made equal, with some being clearly stronger than others. Here are the best Mutators you can use in Remnant 2.

The Best Mutators in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Dweel Mutator Upgrades
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For simplicities sake, we’re going to look at the five best Mutators in Remnant 2. Some of these will be better for some builds than others, though all should be given a fair chance.


Bandit is a must-pick for anyone using rifles with a decent ammo capacity, especially for LMGs with high magazines. When fully upgraded, shots on hit will have a 30% chance to return spent Ammo directly to the magazine. It’ll also grant an increased Fire Rate when that ammo returns, with the amount of time stacking up to 10 seconds. I adore using Bandit with my Nightfall since its fast fire rate complements the spent ammo returns nicely.


If you’re using a high damage-per-shot weapon, then the Lithely will feel wonderful. For every kill you get before reloading your weapon, you’ll get 4% Reload Speed to get back into the action fast. I wouldn’t advise running this with weapons that have a single bullet due to the low returns, but other weapons should fair much better. You’ll also get more Ranged Damage when hitting the max of five stacks, provided the Mutator is fully upgraded.


If your build mainly centers around dealing melee damage, Striker is the best one you can go. On Melee Hit, you’ll deal 3% increased Melee Damage up to 15%, with a max of five stacks. You’ll also get Movement Speed when it’s maxed out. This is a welcome buff to damage that doesn’t require you to do anything fancy to get it. Presumably, it’s just any hits with the Mutator, and you’ll proc it.


While the Lithely Mutator earlier wasn’t good for it, the Slayer Mutator is a prime choice for weapons with single-round magazines. When reloading with said weapon, the damage of the next shot will be increased by 10%. Reload Speed is also increased by 15% if at max rank. You’ll permanently have this buff active with this sort of weapon, so it’s a no-brainer.


While this mod is up in the top five, we only suggest using it if you’re confident in your ability to aim. When dishing Ranged Hits out, you’ll increase the damage of the next Weakspot Hit by 10% per stack with a max of five stacks. With the max level of the Mutator, you’ll get an additional 15% damage when at max stacks. For a fast-firing weapon, especially with the mod of the Nightfall, you’ll do some insane Weakspot damage. It’s also great for the Hunter Archetype since it thrives off of Precision damage.

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