Remnant 2 Hardcore Rewards.
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Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode Exclusive Rewards Explained

High risk and high reward.

When you start a fresh character in Remnant 2, you have the option to begin with the Hardcore Mode, and that means death is permanent and entirely unforgiving. Along with the added danger is the opportunity for exclusive rewards in the mode, and I will outline how those rewards work for Hardcore players. Here are the Exclusive Rewards in Remnant 2 hardcore mode.

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What are the Hardcore Mode Rewards in Remnant 2?

Players can expect at least one amulet, and four new rings as Hardcore Mode exclusive rewards in Remnant 2. However, reports on the rewards have varied depending on the difficulty of the playthrough as well. I have seen multiple reports on Reddit that the standard Hardcore Mode results in an amulet called the Daredevil Charm that provides more damage for each unequipped gear slot.

All five items can be purchased from Reginald at Ward 13 after Hardcore Mode is completed, but the rewards may not end there. The number of players who have completed Hardcore and reported their success isn’t very high. However, there is some overlap between players beating Hardcore modes and Apocalypse.

All Remnant 2 Hardcore Mode Rewards:

  • Daredevil Charm Amulet – Increases all damage by 7.5%, movement by 3%, and receive 5% reduced damage taken for each empty armor slot.
  • Provisioner Ring – Guns reload over time while stowed.
  • Ahanae Crystal Ring – Deal an additional 5% damage for each status effect you are afflicted with
  • Dran Scavenger Ring – Collecting Scrap, Iron, and Ammo regenerates 10% of your health and increases all damage dealt by 8%. This effect lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Dryzyr Sniper Sigil Ring – Increases the minimum damage at max falloff range from 20% to 40%.

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It was initially thought that weapons like Starkiller or the World’s Edge sword were part of the Hardcore Apocalypse rewards. With more time for players to finish the game, we now know that most of the Apocalypse rewards can be earned without Hardcore mode. If you play with one life, expect the Devil’s Charm, and four additional rings.

Keep in mind that as more players are able to finish the Hardcore Mode in Remnant 2, the list of rewards could expand. When more information becomes available, we will update and confirm which rewards are genuine. So far, it seems like the ring and the two amulets are the only guaranteed items.

You will need as many Traits as possible to finish the Hardcore Mode, so make sure to read our guide on the maximum Trait Points in Remnant 2.

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