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Can You Pause the Game in Remnant 2? – Answered

I just want to put the gun down...for ONE second.

Remnant 2 is a soulslike that follows some of those same genre trends while standing on its own two feet and proving its different than its contemporaries. Some of these similarities of course include learning movesets, being punished heavily for a lack of knowledge, and crafting a build using various buffs from different pieces of gear. However, there’s one more feature that appears to have made its way into Remnant 2 as well. Here’s whether you can pause the game in Remnant 2.

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Are You Able to Pause Remnant 2?

Unfortunately, my testing has shown that it is not possible to pause Remnant 2. You can open up a pause menu of sorts where you can head to settings or change whether your game is public or private, but enemies will still attack while in this menu. Some of the things I tried included scouring the settings menu for possible settings that could be throwing it off, and changing the game state from Friends Only to Offline, but none of these would change the pause.

There is one way that you can technically pause, though it’s not the most conventional. To do so, you essentially need to use a standard Checkpoint or Worldstone and stay in the menu. Here, monsters are unable to attack you and you’re free to go do whatever it is you need to do. Of course, that’s far less convenient than just regular pausing, but it’s something.

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Why Can’t I Pause in Remnant 2?

While there isn’t a definitive answer to this, our best guess is that Gunfire Games simply wanted to follow suit with other soulslike games and not allow you to pause. It’s frustrating, and something I’d rather not see in this genre. However, that’s a conversation for another time and place. If mods are created for this game, chances are that’ll be one of the first things done.

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