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What is the Max Trait Points in Remnant 2? – Answered

Build up those tiny buffs!

While you progress through the world of Remnant 2, you’ll come across Trait Points through various means. Primarily, you’ll either find Trait Points while exploring the wild or after completing key encounters. These can be spent on the various Traits and can provide some helpful buffs in the long-term. However, you aren’t able to max every trait you see. Here’s what the max Trait Points is in Remnant 2.

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How Many Trait Points Can You Have in Remnant 2?

Technically speaking, you can have 85 total Trait Points in Remnant 2. However, that total comes with a few key things to keep in mind. 20 of those Trait Points are automatically assigned to your Archetype Traits (Prime and Secondary Archetype only.

You’ll be limited to 75 with just one Archetype). An example of one of these is the Key Trait for the Gunslinger, which increases ammo reserves by 5% for each Trait Point invested. Another five are granted and placed automatically. That leaves 60 Trait Points to earn and spend. You likely won’t earn these in a single playthrough, so be ready to play through the game a few times before you can spend them all.

How Do You Get More Traits?

There are a few ways to acquire more Traits. The easiest way is to complete encounters across the entire game, with each offering the chance at a new Trait. The other method is through leveling each Archetype to 10. Once an Archetype is level 10, its Archetype Trait is unlocked for use with any Archetype.

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Can You Respec Your Trait Points?

You can, yes! To do so, head over to Wallace in Ward 13 and purchase his Orb of Undoing for three Lumenite Crystals and 2500 Scrap. Then, go to your Inventory and press the Interact key on it to consume it and reset all 60 spendable Trait Points.

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