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For some builds in Remnant 2, having the correct stats can be the difference between success and utter failure. Having resistances to negative status effects or the ability to apply negative status effects to enemies can be huge, especially when dealing with larger groups of enemies. One stat appears on a few pieces of gear, though what exactly it does can be confusing at first. Here’s what the Bulwark stat is in Remnant 2.

What Does the Bulwark Stat Do in Remnant 2?

Bulwark is a stat buff that increases your current Damage Reduction by 5% per stack (with the first stack giving 6%). You can have a maximum of three stacks, making for a possible 16% Damage Reduction under the right circumstances. This can’t go past the maximum cap of 80% for Damage Reduction, so don’t play for three stacks of Bulwark if you’re already at 70% Damage Reduction or so.

How Do You Get Bulwark Stacks?

There are two primary ways to acquire stacks of Bulwark. The first (and in some cases easiest) is to play the Challenger Archetype. The Archetype’s second ability, Juggernaut, gives you three stacks of Bulwark for 25 seconds. You’ll also get increased Movement and Melee speed, alongside increased Melee damage, making it a great Challenger skill all around. The other method is through select pieces of gear, like the Guardian’s Ring which gives one stack of Bulwark when within 7m of an enemy.

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If you have any sort of tank build planned, then Bulwark is a much-needed stat that will help you counteract how slow the Archetype can be in combat. Now get out there and be the best wall you can possibly be! While you’re at it, check out our guide on how to complete the Lament puzzles in Remnant 2.

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