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PUBG Update 22.2: Full Patch Notes Listed

Hot drop incoming.

by Jesse Vitelli

PUBG, the incredibly popular battle royale, is receiving constant updates. Every patch adds new points of interest, weapons, and various bug fixes plaguing the community and their matches. Here are the full 22.2 update patch notes listed for PUBG.

PUBG Update 22.1: Full Patch Notes Listed

Brand new weapons and a variety of fixes have been implemented in PUBG with the patch 22.2 update. Here’s the breakdown of the patch notes.

You can also check out the Patch notes on the official PUBG website.

The Famas: A Brand New Weapon

  • Fire Modes: Single, Burst, and Full-Auto
  • Can attach up to the 6x Scope.
  • Ammo: 5.56mm
  • Damage per shot: 39
  • Effective range: 400m
  • Rate of fire: 900 RPM
  • Available modes
    • Spawns in Care Packages, Secret Rooms, Lab Camps, Supply Drops, and Pillar Boxes ONLY.
    • Available on every map.
    • Normal Matches, Ranked, Training Mode, Team Deathmatch, Custom Matches, Sandbox Mode (PC)
      • Unavailable in Custom Match – Esports Mode.

Weapon and Balance Adjustments

  • AUG has been removed from Care Packages and will now be a world spawn weapon.
    • Available on every map.
  • Damage: 42 → 41
  • Rate of fire: 700 → 750
  • Bullet velocity: 940m/s → 890M/S
  • Effective range: 90~500 → 60~450
  • Recoil has been generally readjusted (slightly increased).
  • M416
    • Damage: 41 → 40
    • Horizontal recoil has slightly increased.
  • M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant
    • Single/Burst RPM: 600 → 800
  • Shotguns (S686, DBS, O12, S12K, S1897)
    • Normal Match: Spawn rate (including number of ammo) has reduced by approximately 30% on every map.
    • Ranked: Spawn rate (including number of ammo) has reduced by approximately 20% on every map.
    • Spawn rates for ARs, DMRs, and SMGs have slightly increased instead.
  • P90
    • Added to Care Packages and Secret Rooms in Ranked.
    • Fixed the issue where P90s that were supposed to spawn with a certain rate in Care Packages were not spawning properly.
    • At least 200 ammunition will spawn together with the P90.
  • Heavy Stock
    • Added to Care Packages in Ranked.
    • Will now spawn more often.
      • Therefore, Tactical Stocks’ spawn rates have slightly decreased.


  • The loot recommendation feature will now highlight lootable WEAPON ATTACHMENTS.
  • Your Inventory will also highlight recommended ammo/attachments/equipment you have looted.

World Changes

Cheers to our upcoming 6th Year Anniversary! Decorative objects such as billboards and more have been added to Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

  • Deston
    • Added several hills in the valley between Barclift and Turrita to block more sightlines while traveling between towns and to make it a little safer to travel.
  • Added a dirt race track on the peninsula south of Sancarna to help block sightlines and create an interesting space to traverse while moving through the lowland area between the main road and the hill.
  • Erangel’s Hall of Fame has been updated to commemorate the winning team, Natus Vincere, of PGC 2022. The Hall of Fame includes:
    • Photos
    • Trophy
    • Crest
    • Uniform
    • Honor Board
    • Poster


  • AUG has been added to Team Deathmatch and Custom Matches.
  • Mk12 and ACE32 have been added to Esports Mode.
    • AUG remains a Care Package weapon in Esports Mode.
      • AUG has been removed from Esports Mode – Global Rule Settings.


  • The in-game UI for weapon and attachment descriptions has been revamped to convey information more clearly and effectively.
    • The updated UI will display essential details, such as Damage per Bullet, DPS, Rate of Fire, Muzzle Velocity, Stability, and Effective Range.
    • The UI for displaying a weapon’s category and required ammunition type has also undergone improvements.
  • In addition to the weapon-related updates, the Lobby UI has also received a general facelift, resulting in more cohesive and organized designs.


  • You may now move up a single Tier and begin again from Level 1 every time you level up from Level 499.
  • The maximum Tier you can reach is Tier 5.
  • New Rewards
    • NORMAL REWARD : Instead of the usual BP, you will now receive a Supply Loot Cache per level up regardless of your Tier. (Receive up to 499 Supply Loot Caches max!)
    • TIER-UP REWARD : Receive a Survival Mastery Medal. The Medal will be upgraded for each Tier you level up.
  • The Overview page on both your Career and Profile tabs will display your current leaderboard rank of the Season.
    • The highest rank you’ve reached of all time will also be displayed (starting from at least Platinum V).
    • We’ve readjusted the bonus XP rate you receive per weapon so that they’re all equal for your Weapon Mastery.
    • The Jammer Pack category has been added to Customize.
    • The Career – Survival page has been removed.
      • Rewards you have been claimed will be automatically granted to your Customize page.


  • New item sets have been added to the Hunter’s Chest and Archivist’s Chest.
    • Survivor Pass: Deston
    • Bunny Academy
    • PCS7
    • Burning Chicken Festival

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Bug Fixes

  • General in-game bugs have been fixed.
  • The option to make smoke effects from explosions appear natural against the lighting, depending on the weather, was found to be missing in certain weather conditions. As a result, it has been reintroduced and is now available again in the following maps:
    • Miramar – Clear
    • Taego – Clear
    • Deston – Overcast
    • Karakin – Sunset
    • Training Mode – Sunset
  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Training Mode.
  • Fixed the issue where attacks coming from a certain range pass through cover and damage you.
  • Fixed the issue where a Crossbow’s Bolt remains on the Drone even after you recall it.
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s arm bends awkwardly when you lean/peek while crouching and moving.
  • Fixed the issue where a moving Emote is immediately played, skipping the standing animation, when you use it while crouching/prone.
  • Fixed the issue where the thermal effect does not show up for the Thermal 4x Scope in Replay/Death Cam.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound of the Porter/Pony Coupe suddenly reduces from a certain perspective.
  • Fixed the crash issue regarding the use of Mortars.
  • Fixed the irregular crash issue when the Inventory is open.
  • (PC) Fixed the irregular issue where a different player far off receives damage from your fires.
  • (PC) Fixed the irregular flickering of the Blizzard Zone’s visual effects.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where you are unable to unmute yourself on voice chat when you enter a new session after you mute yourself using shortcut keys in a previous match.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue where the Limited Interact feature does not work when ADS is binded to the LB button.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue where the sound of a thrown Spike Trap is different per perspective.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue where the sound of a Motorbike/Buggy suddenly stops after a certain time.


  • Fixed collision, texture, performance, and more general issues in Vikendi.
  • Fixed the issue where you can hold onto the Emergency Pickup and teleport to the place it was before it got pushed aside by the train in Vikendi.


  • Fixed the issue where the item name and tier is displayed when you hover over the Saw-tooth Machete on the preview page of the Super Soldier Set.
  • Fixed the issue where the notification icon does not disappear from a received Key Fragment in the Workshop.
  • Fixed the issue where the Replace Attachment interaction UI displays the incorrect weapon icon.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where the Sticky Bomb icon was missing in Replay – Highlight when a player makes a kill with a Sticky Bomb.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where the killfeed does not show up when the remaining number of alive players decrease during a match.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where numerous Key Fragments are created and are shown as a minus amount after you craft a Key with Key Fragments at the Workshop.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where you are able to click only a part of the Acquired/Unacquired button at the Hideout – Weapon page.
  • (PC) Fixed the issue where a friend who is displayed as offline is displayed as In a Match when they enter a match.
  • (Console) Fixed the issue where the Cancel interaction UI is displayed as the previous keybinding when you change your Interact/Limited Interact to different keys during a match.
  • (Console) Fixed the indefinite line of the Preview button on the Store – Add-Ons page.


※ Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • Fixed the clipping issue when you use certain weapons with the Phoenix Jacket equipped.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when you equip the Big Bad’s Hood with the Black Bunny Headband.
  • Fixed the issue where a female character’s wrists turn transparent when equipping the Twitch Rivals Bomber Jacket with the Sleek Punk Top.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when a male character equips fuffenz’s Shirt with High Waisted Shorts (Blue).
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s arm is displayed awkwardly when holding Shotguns in Customize.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when you equip a Helmet (Level 2) with an Apocalypse Hairstyle and NieR:Automata – 9S’s Combat Goggles equipped.
  • Fixed the issue where your sight is partially covered in ADS with the Azure Dragon Jacket equipped.
  • (PC) Fixed the irregular clipping issue when a female character crouches or switches primary weapons with the Venus Club Outfit equipped.

That’s a lot of content to sift through, but the developers are working hard to keep bringing new and engaging content to the game. After it’s huge success in 2017, the game has been dealing with a steady player base and thriving overseas. For more tips, tricks, and guides about PUBG stay right here.

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