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Is PUBG Mobile Compatible with Wireless Controller?

Should you try to make it work?

by Nikola L

PUBG players just cannot get enough of the battle royale. Many of them resort to playing PUBG Mobile while they’re outside of their homes, far away from their PC or console, or during lunch break, public transport commuting, walking around, or just chilling somewhere in the outdoors.

Using touchscreen controls isn’t always the easiest, though. Can you connect a Wireless Bluetooth Controller to your Android or iOS device in order to make movement and aiming easier in PUBG Mobile? Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Play PUBG Mobile with a Wireless Bluetooth Controller?

Of course, technology has gone very far (maybe a bit too far in some regards), and now you can do something unimaginable a decade ago. Mobile phones can now do almost everything a PC or console can. Many popular mobile games can be played with the assistance of peripherals not native to the phone (because everyone knows that touchscreen is not as precise as some other input methods, so if you have a way not to inconvenience yourself, you might as well use it).

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PUBG Mobile, sadly, does not have built-in support for Wireless Bluetooth Controller. You should only play PUBG Mobile with the power of your fingers. We used the word “should” because we have discovered that there is an unofficial, third-party software that you can use to bypass the limitation set by PUBG Corp. This software allows you to emulate your finger touches on the phone’s screen by using your Wireless Bluetooth Controller.

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And you guessed it; we used the word “should” because PUBG Corp. is banning people that are using such software since it is considered cheating. And technically, it is. Everything you do, you do at your own risk, with a complete understanding of the consequences that may come your way.

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