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What Does PUBG Stand For? – Answered

The name history might be confusing.

by Nikola L

PUBG was, at some point, the most played game on Steam, largely in part due to the waves it was making on social media. The popularity of the battle royale classic is slowly dropping over time, but there are hundreds of thousands of faithful PUBG fans still playing the game on all available platforms and versions. However, PUBG wasn’t always named PUBG.

The abbreviation came a bit later, and if you’re a newer player, you may not know what PUBG stands for. Prima Games will provide you with a short name history for PUBG in this article so that you can catch up and know what PUBG means.

What Does PUBG Mean?

PUBG, like other games in the genre, got its inspiration from a famous Japanese movie called “Battle Royale”. Brendan Greene is the creator of mods for Arma 3 and H1Z1, and his alias is “PlayerUnknown”. When PUBG was made and released, it was originally named “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and was an instant hit. The community, of course, didn’t want to go all like “Hey mate, wanna play some PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tonight?” so the game was quickly abbreviated into “PUBG” and became known as such widely. Honestly, it is much faster to type “PUBG” and to pronounce “Pub G” rather than the original title.

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At some point, it was renamed on Steam to “PUBG: Battlegrounds” which essentially would mean “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds”. They probably forgot to add the “2: Electric Boogaloo” to make it even more strange.

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Why Was PUBG Renamed into PUBG: Battlegrounds and Where Does the Name Come From?

According to PU (see what we did there), he chose “Battlegrounds” because you “literally cannot get copyrighted for that”.
As for the name change, this was done to differentiate the original PUBG from the new titles that will bear the PUBG name, such as PUBG: New State. Well, PUNS would be funny, to be honest.

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