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When Did PUBG Come Out? – Answered

When was the popular Battle Royale available on all platforms?

PUBG (earlier known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and now known as PUBG: Battlegrounds) is one of the first big Battle Royale multiplayer games. At one point, PUBG it was so popular that it claimed a record as the most played game on all platforms combined. Despite setbacks, the shooter has managed to retain a huge audience.

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When was PUBG Made?

Originally, PUBG was released in March 2017 as an Early Access title on Steam. The game was an instant hit with players and streamers alike. The full release dropped on Steam on December 20, 2017. It has since gone free-to-play, with a “freemium” game model added in January 2022.

When was PUBG released?

Xbox One players could access it via Xbox Game Preview in late 2017, but it wasn’t until months later that it finally got a full release on September 4, 2018. It was later added to PlayStation 4 on December 7, 2018, after high demand from fans. Xbox Series X|S versions came out on November 10, 2020, followed closely by the PlayStation 5 version on November 12, 2020.

The Android and iOS versions of PUBG were released on March 19, 2018. And finally, Stadia got it on April 28, 2020.

PUBG Gaming Awards

Since its release, the popular Battle Royale has won a plethora of awards, out of which we’ll list the most notable ones:


  • Best Multiplayer Game, PC Game of the Year at 35th Golden Joystick Awards
  • Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards 2017


  • Action Game of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay at 21st Annual D.I.C.E. Awards
  • Innovation Award at Italian Video Game Awards 2018
  • Esports Game of the Year, Excellence in Multiplayer, and Trending Game of the Year at 2018 SXSW Gaming Awards
  • Excellence Prize and Rookie Award at Famitsu Awards
  • Mobile Game of the Year (for PUBG Mobile) at 36th Golden Joystick Awards

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