If you're cracking through Pokemon Sword and Shield and you're wanting to ensure that your Pokedex is rounded out, then you're likely going to need to amass all sorts of items to meet the evolution criteria for various Pokemon (like the Dawn Stone). If you're someone in possession of a Feebas, then you're going to find our Prism Scale Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide pretty handy.

Prism Scale Pokemon Sword and Shield Location Guide

So you're after a Prism Scale in Pokemon Sword and Shield. As we may have mentioned just a little bit above, you're going to need one if you want to evolve a Feebas. Feebas will require this item to evolve out of its ugly duckling stage and into the majestic Milotic, so you better start hunting if that's what you want. 

To evolve your Feebas into a Milotic in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the following is going to need to happen:

  • It'll have to be holding a Prism Scale
  • It has to be traded with someone else

So, if you're wondering where you have to go to get a Prism Scale, we've got a couple of answers for you. Head quickly to Route 2 once your bike is able to ride on water. Starting from the Professor's house, go due west and head over the nearby body of water to an outcrop. The lootable item that you find there is a Prism Scale. 

Alternatively, you can also head to South Lake Miloch while you're on your Rotom bike, and inspecting every little lootable that sparkles. Once you've done a few circuits, you should be able to have netted yourself a Prism Scale, though this is largely randomized. 

Now that you have our Prism Scale Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide in hand, getting one and then getting the Milotic that you want should be pretty easy as long as you have a mate to help you with the trading process. Need help with something else about navigating Galar? Here are some other tips and tricks that we've put together for you: