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Pokemon Sword and Shield Grimmsnarl Weaknesses

by Ginny Woo

So, you’ve clashed with a Grimmsnarl up close in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Or, maybe you’ve seen one from afar and thought “that Gundam looks really out of place in the fey wilds.” Whatever it may be, you want to take it down and to prove that you’re the top fairy out here. We get it. Here’s our guide on Pokemon Sword and Shield Grimmsnarl weaknesses.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Grimmsnarl Weaknesses

If you haven’t quite seen a Grimmsnarl out in the wild yet, they’re not actually too difficult to encounter. You can pretty easily find its secondary evolution, Morgrem, kicking around Glimwood Tangle regardless of the weather (the home of Fairy type Pokemon in Galar) and its optimized stat distribution looks a little something like this:

  • 95 HP
  • 120 ATK
  • 95 SP ATK
  • 65 DEF
  • 75 SP DEF
  • 60 SPEED

Those who aren’t quite sure why Grimmsnarl is built like a harlequin who has never skipped leg day might also like to know that one of its Pokedex entries states that it can transform its leg hair to deliver “power-packed drill kicks that can bore huge holes in Galar’s terrain.” Talk about packing one hell of a kick? This could be a contender for scariest Pokemon of the new year, right up there with an armed Snom.

At any rate, Grimmsnarl is a Dark and Fairy type. It can also evolve out of Morgrem, who evolves out of Impidimp. This Dark and Fairy line is new to Pokemon Sword and Shield, which also means that we’re pretty clear on what it can be taken down by. The Type list when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield Grimmsnarl weaknesses involves:

  • Fairy Type Pokemon
  • Poison Type Pokemon
  • Steel type Pokemon 

Now that you know what the Pokemon Sword and Shield Grimmsnarl weaknesses are, you’ll be decently equipped to actually hunt down one of your own by the Lake of Outrage when it’s overcast, though you’ll be batting at around Level 50 when you do so. Need a hand with anything else to do with training in Galar? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you:

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