While we're on the topic of bulking up your Pokemon Sword and Shield teams, it's not just about making sure that everyone's, well, evolving. We're also talking about learning some pretty important skills and ensuring that your team's got the right TRs to get by. If you've been coveting some fance moves but not been sure how to get them, maybe our Shadow Ball Pokemon Sword and Shield guide is the one for you. 

Shadow Ball Pokemon Sword and Shield - Where to Get This TR

So, while you may recall that we were just recently chatting about how to learn incredibly specific starter Pokemon moves and more from Move Tutors, they're clearly not the only way for Pokemon to glo up in the lethal department. While defeating Gym Leaders would give you TRs and the like, another way to get them is also from completing Raid Battles. 

First things first, why would you want Shadow Ball? This particular move is a Ghost type move that clocks out at power 80 and accuracy 100, and it will involve the user throwing a shadowy ball at its enemy which can lower the affected Pokemon's Sp. Def stat. As mentioned, if you're unsure about where to get this TR, we've got the answer: it's a raid battle reward which will drop from Ghost type bosses. This is consistent with the philosophy behind TRs as raid battle rewards; each TR will have a move type, and they can only drop from bosses with the corresponding move type once you've defeated them. 

Now that you have our Shadow Ball Pokemon Sword and Shield guide to hand, it shouldn't be too hard for you to nab one the next time you're facing down a scary spooky raid boss outside its den. Need some help with anything else involving your Galarian adventures? Why not check out these tips and tricks that we've put together for busy trainers on the go?